personal assistive listening device - Audable by AbleNet

Audable Personal Amplifier

Audable™ Personal Amplifier

Helping people in everyday situations effectively interact with and understand the world around them.

Audable, by AbleNet makes it easier to hear in everyday situations by reducing background noise and bringing only the sound you want to hear directly to your ear. Instead of simply increasing the volume or asking your companion to speak up (which may not be practical!), Audable isolates only the sounds you need, improving comprehension and connection to the world around you. Audable is perfect for one-on-one conversations, classroom situations, small group discussions, watching television or listening to music, or holding a conversation in a car.




Key Features

  • Easy to use, be hearing better in minutes
  • Compact and discreet to be used in any situation
  • Use built-in/removable microphone to amplify nearby conversations
  • Belt clip and lanyard included
  • Adjustable volume and tone
  • 200 hours of battery life with active use (with low battery indicator)



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