Flexable IR control ECU - Relax II


Relax II

Flexible IR Control

Flexable IR control ECU - Relax II

Control up to four IR devices and 10 electrical appliances with a single switch! The Relax II can learn up to 10 functions for each device such as, changing channels, volume, or fast-forward. Scanning access includes auditory and visual feedback, as well as adjustable scan speed. Relax II mounts easily with Relax, Mini Relax Connector and includes batteries.

Key Features

  • Scanning modes: auto, hold and step (factory set for auto, call for information to change, prior to ordering if required)
  • Auditory and visual feedback
  • Trains with your regular remote control

Size: 8 x 4 x 1.5 in (19.5 x 10 x 3.5 cm)
Weight: 10 oz. (250 g)




Flexable IR control ECU - Relax II system package

Relax II System Package

Includes Relax II (82000), X10 Transceiver (84168), any single switch*, and two additional X10 modules.




Product HCPC Codes
Wheelchair K0108
Bed Controllers E2205
General Accessories A9999/E9999


Additional Information

ECU Selection Grid

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Benefits of Infrared and the AbleNet Transmitters

  • An infrared device is anything that you currently control with a hand-held infrared remote aimed at the device. The AbleNet transmitters are quickly "trained" utilizing the individual's current remote for their infrared controlled devices.
  • Scanning feature enables individuals to simplify multiple functions (such as turning on a device, changing the channels, turning the volume up or down) with a single switch.
  • Adjustable scanning speed enables the transmitter to be personalized for the user's own reaction time and level of mobility.
  • Transmitters are light and easily mounted to a wheelchair, bed or tabletop.
  • A bright red and or green scanning light and auditory beep enables individuals to see and hear the current command.
  • Depending on the individual's needs, the user can utilize the infrared coupled with the X10 technology.

Additional Information

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