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Transform any book in your library into a switch-adapted audio book in minutes! Wouldn't it be great for your students to have access to the books in your classroom to increase skills in reading, science, social studies, or other subjects? You can with Bookworm! With an included SD memory card, you can create a library of adapted books. Bookworm allows you to create your own content-related books to transform any book in your library into a switch-adapted audio book in minutes.

What people are saying about Bookworm

"I love the Bookworm. My students LOVE having a turn to "read" the page when pressing a switch to activate the speaker. It is such a blessing!" - Kara Orsak



Key Features

  • Manage audiobooks on the included SD cards (additional SD cards available for purchase)
  • LCD screen displays all key functions
  • Single switch operation available or direct access on the touchpad
  • Function lock available
  • Power jack available (power supply not included)
  • External headphone jack for quiet reading
  • Magnet-system for recording books longer than 10 page-pairs

Additional Information

Bookworm Manual

Bookworm A4 Manual

Click here to view Bookworm Video.

How to Bookworm Video
How to Bookworm Video

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