19 inch Gooseneck mounting system for disabled

19 inch Gooseneck mounting system for disabled

Gooseneck Flexible Arm
Quick-Ready Mounting System

This Gooseneck allows for easy mounting of any Relax ECU, small AAC devices and switches. All mounting arm connections will fit the Gooseneck. Order on-line or by phone to choose the appropriate switch Connection and Clamp for your needs.

Gooseneck Mounting System features:
• Utilizes Super Clamp for mounting to a table, chair, bed, or just
  about any other surface
• Includes one Mounting Plate

Gooseneck Mounting System technical specifications:
• Mounted Products Max Weight: 1-lb/0.5-kg
• Mounting Surfaces: Table Edge (2” max), Tubing
• Articulation (Positional Range): Medium
• Positional Rigidity (Strength): Low
• Range/Reach: 19-in/48-cm
• Maintenance Period Adjustment: Yes
• Base Connection Method: Super Clamp
• Weight: 1.5-lb/0.7-kg
• Cord Management: Yes
• Plate: Pick one plate

19-inch Gooseneck with clamp includes one Mounting Plate. See plate options in Additional Info tab.


Product HCPC Codes
Communication E2512
Wheelchair E1028
Bed Controllers E2205
General Accessories A9999/E9999


Additional Information

Computer Access Brochure

Download our Mounting Selection Grid now (PDF)


Plate Options
Gooseneck Mounting System comes with one mounting plate.
Choose your plate based on your intended product.

  • Universal Mounting Plate - The Universal Mounting Plate is a replacement for the Cradle Plate #10045000, Large Triangular Plate #100LTMP, Small Triangular #100STMP, Large Rectangular #100LRMP, Small Rectangular Plate #100SRMP, Relax/Mini Relax #66160, EZ Mount Plate #10040800, and Small Circular Plate #100SCMP.
  • Mini Cup & Trigger Connector - 1-inch diameter for Mini Cup and Trigger Switches
  • Micro Light Connector - for Micro Light Switch
  • Pneumatic Plate - for pneumatic switch
  • Universal Swivel Plate
  • Grasp & Mini Joystick Plate - for Grasp and Mini Joystick
  • Ribbon Switch Plate - for Ribbon Switch
  • Rugged iPad Case Plate - for Rugged iPad Case

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