mounting solutions and accessoriesTapes and Velcros


Mounting Accessories

mounting solutions and accessoriesTapes and Velcros

Sometimes, all you need is a piece of double-sided tape or a length of Velcro® to secure a switch or communication device. When that happens, AbleNet has you covered.




dual lock interlocking tape

Dual Lock interlocking tape
Interlocking hoop-and-loop fastener material on one side, adhesive on the other. Extra strong and works well as a semi-permanent solution for angled and vertical surfaces. Sold in one foot units.

 mounting solutions and accessoriesTapes and Velcros

Velcro 1 Ft
Velcro sold in 1 Ft 1/2 inch (Hook & Loop).

Velcro strap

Velcro Strap
This elasticized Velcro strap is 28-inches in length. Fits with the Jelly Beamer wireless switch and Specs switch.

cord minders mounting solutions and accessoriesTapes and Velcros

Cord Minders
Allow quick management of cords with a custom designed Velcro® tie.

travel strap belt mount for assistive technology

Travel Strap Belt Mount
The need to communicate isn’t limited to one environment, so why should your communication aid? These durable travel straps make it possible. One-inch nylon strap with quick-release buckle.

travel strap shoulder mount for assistive technology

Travel Strap Shoulder Mount
Compatible with BIGmack, BIG Step by Step and SuperTalker, FL4SH .

super clamp assistive technology

Super Clamp
Designed for use with any AbleNet mounting arm, this clamp connects the arm to tables as well as tubes with ease. Maximum bite is 2 in (5 cm).

easy mount base assistive technology

Easy Mount Base
Compatible with LITTLEmack, Stepby- Step, Step-by-Step with Levels, AirLink, iTalk2 and iTalk2 with Levels. Detachable base mounts anywhere – even on a wall or around the waist. Belt Mount sold separately.

universal switch mounting system base

Universal Switch Mounting System Base
Universal Switch Mounting Systems. This strong, reliable switch mounting system is designed for fast, easy and secure placement of any switch. The arm extends to 20.5 inches and clamps onto most flat or tubular surfaces, such as tabletops and wheelchairs. Choose between the easy turn friction knob or lever control to lock all joints firmly into place. Withstands up to 5 pounds of force. Price includes the mounting plate of your choice. Provides switch access on the floor for sidelying, sitting or preschool activities. Weighing in at 16 pounds, it's light enough to be portable and heavy enough to be safe.

super talker adjustable stand - assistive technology

SuperTalker® Adjustable Stand
This sturdy mounting system features an adjustable backrest that allows SuperTalker to be propped at the best viewing angle for optimum comfort.




Product HCPC Codes
Communication E2512
Wheelchair E1028
Bed Controllers E2205
General Accessories A9999/E9999


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