AAC Switches - Big Red Switch


Big Red®

AAC Switches - Big Red Switch

True to its name, the Big Red switch features a 5-inch activation surface, making it the best choice for persons with visual impairments and persons with physical disabilities who require a larger target area. Also includes a clear snap cap for symbol use.

Big Red technical specifications:
• Switch Type: Mechanical
• Connection Type: Wired
• Activation Type: Pressure
• Activation Surface: 5-in/12.7-cm diameter
• Activating Force: 5.5-oz/156-g
• Travel Before Activation: 0.045-in/0.1143-cm
• Feedback: Auditory click, Visual, Tactile
• Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate


Product HCPC Codes
Communication E2599
Wheelchair K0108
Bed Controllers E2205
General Accessories A9999/E9999



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