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Switch Accessories

switch assessories

The application of switches of persons with disabilities are as varied as the individual circumstances as the people themselves. That's why AbleNet offers a complete line of switch accessories to help ensure you have the tools you need to accommodate any situation.



9-pin to USB cable AAC switch Accessories

9-Pin to USB Cable
Connect any 9-Pin multiple switch to a computer's USB port.

CA-1 Connector Adapter - AAC switch Accessories

CA-1 Connector Adapter
Allows you to plug two single switches into a device with a stereo jack.

Battery device adapter AA or C/D AAC switch Accessories

Battery Device Adapter AA or C/D
Convert any battery-operated toy or appliance into a switch-activated device.

  • AA size
  • C/D size

Watch a video on using the Battery Device Adapter.
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Download this product's A4 Manual

Notching file to notch battery compartment covers

Notching File
Use this handy file to notch battery compartment covers, making a small opening for a Battery Device Adapter (BDA). This easy-to-use tool increases the life of your BDA by eliminating pinching of wires.

Cable Extension Single 6 foot

Cable Extension Single Switch 6'
These durable 6-foot cables add length to any switch.

Cable Extension Dual 6 foot

Cable Extension Dual Switch 6'
These durable 6-foot cables add length to any switch.




Product HCPC Codes
Communication E2599
Wheelchair K0108
Bed Controllers E2205
General Accessories A9999/E9999




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