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Enabling the iPad® for everyone.

AbleNet’s Connect access solution unlocks the power of the iPad mobile device for users with significant physical disabilities. Connect provides switch accessibility, brilliant sound, and exceptional design to create a one of a kind solution for the iPad.


  • HiFi stereo amplified sound output
  • Switch access provided through two built-in capacitive touch switches, wired switches, or wireless switches
  • Scanning capabilities to control the iPad powered by iOS 7 Switch Control, or use a variety of apps with switch scanning built into the app
  • Sleek outer casing protects against impact
  • Integrated battery, charging, and iPad syncing
  • Mount with AbleNet mounting solutions
  • Compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2 (requires an adapter kit due to smaller size), iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), and iPad 2

​Note:  The iPad and apps with switch access built into the app are not included with the Connect purchase.​

AbleNet does not cover damage caused to an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or other consumer electronic devices used in conjunction with any product manufactured by or distributed by AbleNet. For full warranty details visit http://www.ablenetinc.com/Support/Warranty-Info.


Connect Product FAQ's

Q: Does Connect have sound output?
A: Yes, Connect has HiFi stereo amplified sound output.

Q: Which version of the iPad works with Connect?
A: iPad Air (requires an adapter kit due to smaller size), iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), and iPad 2.

Q: Is Connect mountable?
A: Yes, Connect is mountable. Connect will attach to the Universal Mounting Plate and is compatible with AbleNet’s Latitude, Hover, Friction Knob UMS, Lever UMS and 19-inch Gooseneck mounting kits.

Q: Is a shoulder strap for Connect available?
A: Yes, a shoulder strap is available for Connect.

Q: Does Connect have switch access?
A: Yes, one or two switches can be used with Connect. There are two 1/8-in/3.5-mm switch jacks for wired switches, two integrated capacitive touch switches, and the ability to pair two AbleNet wireless switch transmitters. Connect is compatible with iOS Switch Control or apps with switch access built into the app using the keystrokes of 1 and 3, Space and Enter, or ~1 and ~3. 

Q: Does Connect qualify for Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance reimbursement?
A: Please contact AbleNet at 800-322-0956 for funding options in your area.

Q: Does Connect protect against moisture and impact?
A: The outer casing of Connect will protect against impact. However, Connect does not have a screen protector to fully enclose the device and there is a chance moisture could enter if an excess amount of moisture is present (e.g. a cup of water were spilled on the screen).

Q: Does Connect allow a user to charge and sync their iPad without removing it from Connect?
A: Yes, Connect allows a user to charge and sync their iPad without removing it from Connect.

Q: What is the difference between Connect and Connect for Speech?
A: Connect is currently only available outside of the United States. Connect for Speech is available in the United States and includes the Connect access solution, plus an iPad Air, AAC app of your choice, and funding support if funding is available in your area.

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