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Model for Success in Special Education

AbleNet curriculum and assistive technology products serve the complete spectrum of students with disabilities — at all grade levels — who experience mild, moderate, or severe disabilities. We are committed to ensuring all students have complete access to excellent programs that will improve their individual success.

To that end, we have aligned our entire offering to state standards, alternate standards where applicable, and the Common Core. Our strategic partnerships with nationally-recognized researchers and curriculum writers enable us to provide effective instructional programs and tools for 21st century special education classrooms.

Administrators across the country are committed to programs and technology that can demonstrate visible student outcomes while meeting the accountability expectations of IDEA and NCLB. Educators appreciate the AbleNet curriculum and technology solutions. Our 24/7 online Members Only support, combined with our customer service and technical support staff, are available during school hours to assist with their success with students. In addition to our support, we provide strategies for educators to use with different students through our Action Dictionary™.

Curriculum & Content Products

Equals PreK Mathematics Curriculum

Equals PreK

Equals PreK is a research-based math curriculum developed for your youngest math learners. Appropriate for any pre-school setting, Equals PreK provides instruction and materials for teaching foundational skills of counting, subitizing, cardinality, 1:1 correspondence, color and shape identification, math vocabulary, matching and sorting by attributes, joining and separating to construct sets, basic patterns, building shapes and designs with 2-D shapes, comparisons of amounts and length (same, more, less), one more and one less, and beginning quantitative and positional concepts.



Equals: Age-Neutral K-12 Mathematics Curriculum


Equals is a K-12 curriculum, aligned to state standards, alternate standards where applicable, and the Common Core. Equals provides the best in mathematics instruction for educators who work with students in special education or in alternative education programs. It encompasses pre-readiness math skills (attending, cause and effect, etc.), fundamental math skills (numbers and operations, measurement, and estimation), and higher order math skills (data analysis, probability, spatial sense, geometry, algebra, and problem solving). Each lesson provides three levels of instruction for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities.



Equals Canadian Edition: Age-Neutral K-12 Mathematics Curriculum




Equals: Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry Math Curriculum

Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry

When students move from basic skills in mathematics to more complex thinking and doing, there is a shift of focus. In Equals Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry, students prepare for the more complex convergence of math content areas – measurement and geometry, algebra and numbers and operations, data analysis and algebra, algebra and geometry. Equals Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry is about those relationships more than ever, providing students with the confidence they need to reach new levels in mathematics and to succeed in higher order math skills. Equals Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry is aligned to state standards, alternate standards where applicable, and the Common Core


MEville to WEville Complete Collection

MEville to WEville

MEville to WEville Complete Collection is a literacy program aligned to state, alternate, and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The program was developed for students with significant disabilities who need an appropriate starting place, slower paced lessons, and differentiation specifically designed to meet their unique needs.


Focus on STEM

Focus on STEM

These classroom libraries together have over 60 unique, non-fiction titles offering students with disabilities the opportunity to practice literacy skills while gaining background knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students using these libraries will be able to apply learned skills with real-life math and science content. Each set features graphs, charts, high-interest photos, glossaries, problem solving, comprehension questions, vocabulary, online assessments, and differentiated cross-content student activities for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 students.


Splash Extended School Year

Splash Extended School Year

Splash is the answer to summer academic maintenance for your students. This complete program offers engaging age- and ability-appropriate content for communication, social interaction, reading, math, health, science, and more, ready to go for summer sessions. Topics focus on the comfortable pace of extended schooling, with all materials included for each lesson and activity.


Play & Learn

Play and Learn

Play & Learn is a 12-month preschool curriculum specifically developed for children of ALL abilities! This all-in-one program is so easy for educators, para professionals, and other classroom staff to understand and set up. Play & Learn equips students with the essential "readiness skills" that every student needs as they enter kindergarten. Reading, writing, and communication are integrated into lessons that help children explore new goals and meet IEP objectives.

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