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The wireless BigBlu VisionBoard offers a significant advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard by improving readability and reducing eyestrain with big 1-in/2.54-cm square keys. The large, bold black-on-white letters and numbers are easy to see with a contrast ratio of 21:1 and are almost 250% larger than the print on standard keyboards. Users with low vision or physical limitations can increase and improve capabilities with greater comfort and control.

BigBlu VisionBoard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, and iPadOS devices. Please note, this keyboard uses a Windows key layout, but is compatible with other devices.

Need a keyguard? The BigBlu VisionBoard Keyboard is compatible with the Chester Creek Keyguard - With Function Keys.

  • Key color contrast ratio of 21:1
  • Size: 19 x 1.5 x 7-in/48.3 x 3.8 x 17.8-cm
  • Environmental: RoHS & CPSIA Compliant
  • Operating System: PC
  • Compatibility: Windows or Chromebook with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Connection: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Battery life: 90+ days
  • Includes 2-AAA batteries
  • 1-in/2.5-cm keys
  • Battery indicator light replaces CAPS Lock light

What computer driver do these keyboard use?
ChesterCreek keyboards uses generic USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers.

Can ChesterCreek Keyboards be used with a Mac or Chrome OS computers?
ChesterCreek keyboard are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating system computers. Please note, the keyboard keys are designed using a Windows layout.

What can I do if my Bluetooth keyboard is not functioning correctly?
We recommend the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Remove the keyboard from your Bluetooth devices on the computer. Then, re-pair the keyboard following the instructions in the QuickStart Guide.
  • Replace the batteries with new Alkaline batteries.
If this does not solve the issue, please email Technical Support or call 1-800-322-0956.

Do these keyboards have a print screen button?
There is no print screen shortcut button on these keyboards. If you require this functionality, we recommend the Keys-U-See large print keyboards.

I have an older keyboard. Do you offer any discounts for replacement?
If your keyboard is outside of our 2-year warranty it is eligible for Product Replacement. This will allow you to get the latest version of the keyboard with a 30% discount and free shipping.

This product is compliant with Medical Device Regulation 2017/45. Click here to download the declaration of conformity.

(Size: 1.3 MB) Downloads: 1489
BigBlue Quick Start Guide
(Size: 425.4 KB) Downloads: 584
Windows 10 Pairing Instructions - BigBlu VisionBoard and KinderBoard