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The new Choice includes all of the great features you’ve come to love with the original LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice, but now includes improvements that make it easier to use.

Improvements to the new Choice include:

  • Re-engineered battery door with a tool-less locking mechanism to ensure it stays in place when the device is in use but is easy to open when you need to replace the battery
  • Soft-touch coating provides extra grip when holding the device
  • Mounting that is stronger and easier to use

Choice is an exciting option for multi-message, quick-ready communication. Unlike the LITTLE Step-by-Step, Choice allows you to skip over a message without playing it in its entirety. By pressing the activation surface repeatedly, you can skip over multiple messages to get to your desired message. When you find the message you are looking for, release the activation surface and the message will play in its entirety.

Choice is a great tool for answering multiple-choice questions or communicating desires among a list of options. The possibilities when using a Choice are endless.

Choice features:

  • Better-than-ever digital sound loud enough for almost any environment
  • Up to 4-minutes of record time
  • 25% more battery life than older versions
  • Includes red, yellow, green, and blue tops along with a clear snap cap that holds a picture symbol on the device
  • Requires one 9V battery (not included)

Overlays for Your Choice

Quickly and easily create printable picture symbol overlays for your device with the free AbleNet Symbol Overlay Maker app. Click here to download for free on the App Store. App requires an iPad with iPadOS 13 or newer.

Technical Specifications FAQs Downloads Regulatory ableCARE, ableSAFE, and ableSTRONG
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