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Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry

Product Number: 10070007
Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry is an extension of the Equals Mathematics program for students that are ready to learn more advanced math skills. Included is a comprehensive content kit, manipulative kit, and access to an online Members Only site.

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The first standards-based Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry math curriculum for students with disabilities
When students move from basic skills in mathematics to more complex thinking, there is a shift of focus. In Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry, students prepare for deeper thinking about math and increased overlap across the math content areas. Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry is about number relationships more than ever, providing students with the confidence they need to reach new levels in mathematics and to succeed in understanding more complex math concepts and solving problems. Given the variety of manipulatives and pic-symbol supported vocabulary, worksheets, and problems, Equals is an appropriate choice for students with cognitive disabilities, autism, and for English Language Learners (ELL).
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Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry is a multisensory math curriculum which incorporates general education math methodologies with three levels of instructional strategies dedicated to each lesson so all learners have access to math instruction. Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry derives a major part of its educational foundation from research-tested general education math methodologies, including Concrete, Semi-Concrete, Abstract (CSA) instructional sequence. In addition to proven general education methods, the program incorporates leveled instruction to allow access for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry combines proven methods from both general and special education to create a connected and effective approach to mathematics instruction. Combining these strategies with hundreds of manipulatives enables all students to actively learn math and demonstrate measurable progress on math outcomes.

Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry

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  • Complete scope and sequence of Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry math skills
  • Lessons continue from foundational skills learned in Equals Mathematics
  • Aligned to State Standards, Alternate Standards, and Common Core Standards
  • Progression of learning in every lesson
  • Age-neutral lessons
  • Comprehensive assessment;
  • Classroom-tested workmats that support understanding of number relationships
  • Real-life problem solving connections
  • Math manipulatives
  • Math posters and cards
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Free Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry Consultation
We would like to schedule a 30-minute call with you to learn about your math instruction challenges. During our call, we will discuss your pain points, educational goals, and how Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry math can quickly get your students and teachers moving in the right direction.
Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry Sample Lessons
Please click here to access the downloadable lesson samples, Action Dictionary sample, and Scope and Sequence.

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