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Equals PreK

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Equals PreK provides instructional materials to teach foundational math skills to early learners of all abilities. Included are unique strategies developed to support the unique learning needs of students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities, students at-risk, and typical learners.

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Preparing Your Youngest Students to be Successful Math Learners
Equals PreK is a research-based math curriculum developed for your youngest math learners. Appropriate for any pre-school setting, Equals PreK provides research-based instructional methodologies and materials for:
  • Teaching foundational skills of counting
  • Subitizing
  • Cardinality
  • 1:1 correspondence
  • Color and shape identification
  • Math vocabulary
  • Matching and sorting by attributes
  • Joining and separating to construct sets
  • Basic patterns
  • Building shapes and designs with 2-D shapes
  • Comparisons of amounts and length (same, more, less)
  • One more and one less
  • Beginning quantitative and positional concepts
In addition, it is the only program today that incorporates strategies to meaningfully address the unique learning needs of pre-school children with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities, students at-risk, and typical learners. Given the variety of manipulatives and pic-symbol supported vocabulary, worksheets, and problems included in the curriculum kit, Equals PreK is an appropriate choice for students with autism, and for English Language Learners (ELL). Learn more about Equals and ESL/ELL Students.

Free Equals PreK Consultation
We would like to schedule a 30-minute call with you to learn about your math instruction challenges. During our call, we will discuss your pain points, educational goals, and how Equals PreK math can quickly get your students and teachers moving in the right direction.
Equals PreK Mathematics Program Details
Create active and enthusiastic young math learners by implementing Equals PreK curriculum in your pre-school classroom. Equals PreK provides your educators with:
  • Research-driven methodologies and best practices incorporated into the structure and lesson content
  • Ready-to-use materials for teaching basic skills covered in a routine that feels comfortable and engaging for young learners
  • Differentiation and support for students with unique needs
  • Fun activities that link multiple concepts and content
  • Scope and sequence of skills aligned to preschool standards and guidelines
  • See additional kit details

With Equals PreK mathematics curriculum, you have the tools to teach foundational math to your students as a part of their world. This is where important learning connections begin, by making connections to what your students know and experience. Students are given the opportunity to understand basic concepts that support them as they move on to Kindergarten and beyond, learning new skills in all areas of math.

You will find Equals PreK materials are meaningful for all students with unique strategies to support students with disabilities and students at-risk who require interventions. Students learn side-by-side, ensuring learners are prepared with beginning foundational math skills as they enter Kindergarten. Designed for all learners, Equals PreK is appropriate for students in Early Childhood Special Education settings as well. The goal for Equals PreK is to provide a curriculum with best practice instruction and methodologies of beginning foundational skills for all 3-, 4-, and 5-year olds, with looping and connections written-in to give students every opportunity to master, apply, and generalize math skills.

Differentiated Instruction for Unique Learners
Equals PreK includes differentiated instructional strategies for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities and students at-risk which allow all students to be active math learners. Differentiation is provided in two ways: by using leveled instruction (Levels 1, 2, and 3) and print materials embedded in the curriculum pedagogy as well as a custom-built PreK Action Dictionary.

Leveled materials provide support for students.
Level 1 - Heavy Cognitive Support
Each concept is highlighted and presented separately for support in choosing the big or little boat.

Level 1 Equals PreK
Level 1 addtl Equals Prek
Level 2 - Moderate Support
Both concepts are highlighted and presented together, providing support to the student to focus on the choices.
Equals PreK Leve 2
Level 3 - Typical Support
Both concepts are highlighted and presented together with a color background for an extra challenge.
Equals PreK Level 3

The leveled materials are part of every lesson and are chosen at the discretion of the teacher. The use of these materials is flexible so teachers can decide to adjust the level as it suits the learner.

Equals PreK is organized by monthly lesson plans. The monthly themes are based on the calendar, seasons, and familiar holidays. Each month contains the same order of lessons and lesson components from September through April. May is a review and assessment month.

The activities in the lessons are focused and systematically organized in a progression of learning, followed by challenge stations at three levels with the flexibility to support years of instruction based on a 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-day program. Cross-curricular connections include music, art, literacy, play, and movement.

Action Dictionary
The Equals PreK Action Dictionary supports students in another way. When a student cannot perform an action in a lesson in a typical way, the Equals PreK Action Dictionary provides a variety of adaptations for student actions including low and mid-tech solutions for students’ individual needs to support language, cognition, motor, and attending skills. Solutions include those typical for young learners, utilizing materials from the kit. The teacher chooses an adaptation as-is or tweaks it to fit the needs of an individual student.

Integrated into the natural environment, the assessment is based on observations as students work and play. Play center test items and materials at three levels included when teachers need to assess what was missed during observation.

Members Only
Equals PreK includes a curricular kit (lessons & printed materials), a manipulative kit, and a Members Only Website (additional lesson materials, bonus materials for enhancement and enrichment, teacher resources). Members Only is also utilized to provide easy access to updates made to Equals PreK.
Equals PreK Research
AbleNet believes strongly in tirelessly working to ensure curricular programs we develop demonstrate successful outcomes. We do this both during the development process and also post launch. We partner with university professors, administrators, and teachers to ensure we’re studying the outcomes our curriculums are having with students. We make it an essential part of our product development staff time to capture research results from respondents across the country. Based on our results-driven goal, AbleNet has confidence the investment you make with us will result in better student outcomes.
Equals PreK Samples
Please click here to access the downloadable lesson sample and Action Dictionary sample.

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