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Splash Extended School Year

Product Number: 700201701

Splash is an extended school year program offering engaging age- and ability-appropriate content for communication, social interaction, reading, math, health, science, and more.

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A Complete Summer School Kit for Teachers and Students
Splash is a complete, easy-to-implement summer program aligned to State Standards, Alternate Standards and Common Core Standards.  The program was developed to make summer learning fun and engaging so that teachers can help students maintain the skills he or she has learned during the school year.  The program includes student workbooks and everything the summer teacher needs to support learning with four different summer themes.

The four-week summer program has been created with a range of mix-and-match weekly topics carefully selected to engage students at each grade level. Teachers can choose a topic at any week during the program, knowing that each week will systematically cover communication, social interaction, reading, math, health, science, and more. Student books have been uniquely developed with content adapted to three levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) to make a single unit accessible for all students - no need for multiple books!

Each Splash Classroom Set can accommodate 10 students. It includes a teacher Tool Kit and 10 student literacy workbooks (4 unique, fun and engaging titles). Note: One workbook set is required for each student.

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Splash ESY Content

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