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Equals Mathematics

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Equals Mathematics is a K-12, standards-based curriculum developed for students of differing abilities. The program includes over 400 lessons, print support materials, a manipulative kit, a web-based technology lesson center, access to online Members Only support materials, a comprehensive assessment program for all levels, and a complete, ongoing fidelity program to support implementation success.


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Every student can learn math skills. Every student can succeed.
Equals is a complete standards-based mathematics curriculum for students of differing abilities. Equals multisensory, systematic progression of instruction, and problem solving focus allows students with disabilities to be successful math learners. It is the only program that has proven success demonstrated by a 4-year research study.

Equals encompasses:
  • pre-readiness math skills for students at any age who need the most basic starting point (e.g. attending to instruction, cause and effect, everyday patterns)
  • foundational math skills and concepts found in all math content areas (numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis and probability, algebra, and geometry)
  • problem solving at the core of every lesson, connected in meaningful ways

Each lesson maps out a progression of learning from activating background knowledge to problem solving, practice, and application. Students are placed in Equals Math using the Equals Assessment provided in the kit. The assessment covers benchmarks from all five content areas and includes an Attending and Exploring screening tool for students who may need to begin at the most basic level of math instruction. The Equals Assessment has three versions of each assessment item to provide students with intellectual, motor, and/or communication supports so all students have the opportunity and access to show what they know about math. This unique tool can be used to track overall progress across each year of instruction and provide teachers with a view of student strengths and challenges by content area.

Equals provides three flexible levels of instruction and materials for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities in every lesson. Given the variety of manipulatives and pic-symbol supported vocabulary, worksheets, and problems, Equals is an appropriate choice for students with intellectual disabilities, autism, English Language Learners (ELL), low vision, multiple disabilities, learning disabilities, and as a response to intervention option.

Equals utilizes general education math methodologies including Concrete, Semi-concrete, and Abstract (CSA) instructional sequence. In addition, Equals connects manipulatives, concepts, real-world interaction, and multi-sensory experiences that enable all students to actively learn math and demonstrate significant, measurable progress.


More details about what’s included:
  • 10 Teacher Lesson Guides with 444 lessons
  • Complete scope and sequence of math skills
  • K-12 age-neutral lessons, through K-4 general education math skills
  • Members Only website for updates and additions
  • Equals Technology Lesson Center for use on any interactive whiteboard, desktop, laptops and mobile device
  • Comprehensive assessment for determining student placement in Equals and measuring success over time
  • Real-life problem solving (school-home-community math applications)
  • Worksheets at three levels of complexity [mild, moderate, severe/profound] to support recording math solution
  • Specially designed and printed math posters, workmats, and teacher tools
  • 1,335 cards including Action Words, math vocabulary, and content cards
  • Math Action Dictionary for individual adaptations for educators to consider for each student
  • Math manipulative kit (more than 35 different types of manipulatives with over 500 pieces)
  • Comprehensive fidelity program delivered by the curriculum writing team to support successful implementation
"Students are starting to demonstrate understanding that a group of objects (number) is made up of smaller groups of objects.  For those (LI) who already understand this concept, they are starting to “play” with the numbers more – moving them around freely in the number sentence “families” – such as 2,4,6. Everyone loves hands on and the manipulatives are great and very engaging!"
Colette Kruc, Special Education Teacher

"Lessons are clear and easy to follow. All students participated and enjoyed Sensing Math and Real Life Problem Solving, as well as the connecting cubes, candy, and walking outside to count sets. The pic-symbols and manipulatives were the most beneficial materials and Action Cards were used as a visual resource."
Brooke Hunter, Special Education Teacher

"I really enjoyed the higher thinking activities that this lesson incorporated and the included writing portion. The activities were very engaging. The various levels for assessing Depth of Knowledge was amazing and I truly enjoyed teaching this lesson. All of my students were able to demonstrate knowledge and skill learned. I love this curriculum and I get very excited every time I get to teach it!"
Lakessia Kilgore, Special Education Teacher

"For the "common connection" we went outside to make a list of heavy and light objects on our playground. One student said we could use the teeter-tooter like our balance scale! I got on one end and both students climbed on the other end - they discovered I am heavier than them!! So awesome to hear him use the language from our lesson."
Tanja Dubbs, Special Education Teacher
Equals Research
AbleNet believes strongly in tirelessly working to ensure curricular programs we develop demonstrate successful outcomes. We do this both during the development process and also post launch. We partner with university professors, administrators, and teachers to ensure we’re studying the outcomes our curriculums are having with students. We make it an essential part of our product development staff time to capture research results from respondents across the country. Based on our results-driven goal, AbleNet has confidence the investment you make with us will result in better student outcomes.

Development Support Acknowledgements
Mathematics Content Reviewer and Consultant Chris Cain Ed.D. Professor of Education Mars Hill University, North Carolina

Content Consultant Stacey Skoning, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Special and Early Childhood Education College of Education and Human Services University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Assessment Consultant Teri Wegner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Special and Early Childhood Education College of Education and Human Services University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Equals Mathematics curriculum was written and edited by teachers from AbleNet and contracted staff.

Many thanks to the following for their time and assistance in reviewing lessons in the 2017 revision of Equals Mathematics.

Special education teachers from: Lomira, Wisconsin Minneapolis, Minnesota Centennial School District, Minnesota Bay District Schools, Florida and Traverse Bay Area Independent School District, Michigan

Special education teachers and administrators of the Developmental Learning Program in Midlothian, Illinois, who gave us the opportunity to measure students’ phenomenal progress in Equals for four years and witness talented teachers at work.

All current and past Equals teachers and students who have provided us with new ideas, suggestions, videos, photos, and inspiration that helped us build upon proven practices and make Equals even stronger with this revision.
Equals Sample Lessons
Before downloading sample lessons, review the following download outlining important features of each sample lesson.
Lesson Explanation
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Equals Canadian Edition
The first complete, standards-based mathematics curriculum for students of differing abilities.
Equals is a K-12 curriculum that provides the best in mathematics instruction for educators who work with students in special education or in alternative education programs. It encompasses pre-readiness math skills (attending, cause and effect, etc.), fundamental math skills (numbers and operations, measurement, and estimation), and higher order math skills (data analysis, probability, spatial sense, geometry, algebra, and problem solving). Each lesson provides three levels of instruction for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities.

Province Standards

*Note the Equals Canadian alignment documents are in Equals Math Lesson order. You can sort by grade level if you prefer once you download the document to your computer.

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