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Equals Mathematics

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Equals Mathematics is a K-12, standards-based curriculum for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. The program includes a content kit, a manipulative kit, a web-based Technology Lesson Center, and access to a Members Only site.

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Every student can learn math skills.
Every student can succeed.
Equals is the first complete standards-based mathematics curriculum for students of differing abilities. Equals is a K-12 program aligned to state, alternate, common core standards, and essential elements. It provides best practice instruction for educators who work with disabilities whether in self-contained classrooms, resource rooms or inclusion programs

Equals encompasses pre-readiness math skills for students at any age who need the most basic starting point (e.g. attending to instruction, cause and effect, everyday patterns) and the foundational math skills and concepts found in all math content areas (numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis and probability, algebra, and geometry) with problem solving at the core of every lesson and connected in meaningful ways. Each lesson maps out a progression of learning from activating background knowledge to practice and application.
Equals provides three flexible levels of instruction and materials for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities in every lesson. Given the variety of manipulatives and pic-symbol supported vocabulary, worksheets, and problems, Equals is an appropriate choice for students with cognitive disabilities, autism, and for English Language Learners (ELL). Learn more about Equals and ESL/ELL Students.

Equals utilizes general education math methodologies including Concrete, Semi-concrete, and Abstract (CSA) instructional sequence. In addition, Equals connects manipulatives, concepts, real-world interaction, and multi-sensory experiences that enable all students to actively learn math and demonstrate significant, measurable progress.


More details about what’s included:
  • Members Only website for updates and additions
  • Equals Technology Lesson Center for use on any interactive whiteboard, desktop, laptops and mobile device 
  • Electronic Assessment Scoring to manage each student’s’ assessment and math roadmap
  • Complete scope and sequence of math skills
  • Lessons range from pre-emerging math to traditionally taught math content standards
  • K-12 age-neutral lessons, covering K-4 general education math skills
  • Comprehensive assessment for determining student placement in Equals and measuring success over time
  • Real-life problem solving (school-home-community math applications)
  • Worksheets at three levels of complexity [mild, moderate, severe/profound] to support recording math solution
  • Parent letters (English, Spanish) with description of math content for every section and activities that can be completed at home
  • Multiple math posters, workmats, and cards
  • Equals Overview manual for teacher resources
  • 12 Teacher Guides with 329 lessons
  • Math Action Dictionary for individual adaptations for educators to consider for each student as needed
  • Math manipulative kit (over 25 different sets with more than 100 actual manipulatives)
  • See additional kit details.
"Equals Math covers topics across grades k-12 and is the most comprehensive curriculum I have found. The biggest change I've seen in my students is their application of math vocabulary into other activities. They have been able to generalize terms like separate and join. "
Mary Lally, Special Education Teacher, Developmental Learning Program DLP

"I have Equals in my classroom and love it. I like the structure of the lesson and how it builds independence for each of the skills I teach. I have other Ablenet products and have enjoyed working with many of them. It is so nice to have materials that match the ability level of the students I teach without having to recreate the wheel for each lesson."
Christinia Hirsch, Special Education Teacher, Apollo School

"Equals has changed the lives of my students within my classroom.  Now, they are exposed to a variety of math concepts.  They may not fully understand all of the concepts, but they learn new things all the time. " Read full testimonial.
Kristy Piwnicki, Special Education Teacher, Developmental Learning Program DLP
Equals Research
AbleNet believes strongly in tirelessly working to ensure curricular programs we develop demonstrate successful outcomes. We do this both during the development process and also post launch. We partner with university professors, administrators, and teachers to ensure we’re studying the outcomes our curriculums are having with students. We make it an essential part of our product development staff time to capture research results from respondents across the country. Based on our results-driven goal, AbleNet has confidence the investment you make with us will result in better student outcomes.
Equals Sample Lessons
Before downloading sample lessons, review the following download outlining important features of each sample lesson.
Lesson Explanation
Download Sample Lessons
AbleNet Training Solutions
Training and Professional Development Solutions
Choose one or more staff training solutions to ensure effective Equals implementation for your students and educators.

Pre-recorded Webinars
Provided on Members Only, teachers can access training 24/7 and repeat it as often as they choose.

Live custom Webinars provide staff with all the essential information on the curricular program or
technology purchased, as well as an opportunity for staff to ask questions or discuss specific needs.
Webinar training is $250/2-hour session.

An onsite trainer travels to you and directly targets your specific staff/student population needs, as
requested. Your expert trainer will provide hands-on instruction, explanations, and/or demonstrations
for any AbleNet curriculum and/or technology you choose.

Cost includes travel expenses. Onsite training is $3,000/day (per trainer)

Contact your AbleNet sales representative for specific curriculum training package options. Discounts on
training may be available for larger purchase quantities of the program.

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Equals Canadian Edition
The first complete, standards-based mathematics curriculum for students of differing abilities.
Equals is a K-12 curriculum that provides the best in mathematics instruction for educators who work with students in special education or in alternative education programs. It encompasses pre-readiness math skills (attending, cause and effect, etc.), fundamental math skills (numbers and operations, measurement, and estimation), and higher order math skills (data analysis, probability, spatial sense, geometry, algebra, and problem solving). Each lesson provides three levels of instruction for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities.

Province Standards

*Note the Equals Canadian alignment documents are in Equals Math Lesson order. You can sort by grade level if you prefer once you download the document to your computer.

Purchasing Information
For purchasing information, please contact Bridges Canada.
Try Before You Buy
We know curriculum is a big investment; that’s why we’re proud to provide a product loan program. We’ve made it easy for you to review and evaluate our curriculum for yourself for 2-weeks through the AbleNet Product Experience program. We’re confident that you’ll see the value of AbleNet solutions. All of this at no cost or obligation to you.

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