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MEville to WEville Curriculum

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MEville to WEville is a research-based K-12 emergent literacy and communication program developed for student with severe disabilities.

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The only literacy and communication program uniquely designed to include assistive technology tools in each lesson.
MEville to WEville is an emergent literacy and communication program aligned to state, alternate, Common Core State Standards, Common Core Essential Elements, and NCSC Core Connectors. The program was developed for students with severe disabilities who need a starting place to develop emerging literacy skills. The appropriately paced lessons and assistive technology strategies were specifically incorporated into the curriculum to meet the unique needs of these students. An experiential approach to instruction in which each lesson provides instruction and experiences in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The literacy strategies within the program support interaction with text for learning concepts of print skills as students learn the purpose of words and illustrations and what they mean. The research success has found connecting the vocabulary with the students' real-world experiences and what they know, themselves [ME], their families [MY FAMILY], and their school [MY SCHOOL], allows them to develop the emergent literacy skills so they can understand what reading is all about. In addition, lessons include strategies and practices taught in general education literacy classrooms, so students are engaging in similar types of literacy activities as their peers presented at their level of understanding.

More details about what's included:
  • MEville to WEville curriculum teachers guide with over 200 lessons
  • 45 pre-printed vocabulary cards
  • 3 elementary-themed books and 3 secondary-themed books uniquely written to support vocabulary and lessons
  • All 6 companion books provide rich text and opportunities for discussion about topics such as friendship, family support, differences, learning to cope with feelings, working together, and many more.
  • QuickTalker 7 communication device with overlays for every lesson
  • TalkingBrix, a quick-ready communication device for reading and matching words, matching letter sounds and rhyming words, and sounding out words.
  • Hitch 2.0, a computer switch interface, for access to the themed books on a computer or interactive whiteboard
  • 2-Jelly Bean switches for use with the Hitch
  • Action Dictionary, a resource guide for differentiation based on student actions within the lessons
  • Online Members Only website available 24/7 with access to educator resources including:
    • Assessments: communication, writing, vocabulary, letter names/sounds, concepts of print, lesson objectives, lesson reproducibles, concept of print lesson activities
    • Initial letter and rhyming lessons, linked to MEville to WEville vocabulary
    • QuickTalker 7 overlays for every lesson so students can take turns commenting, answering a question, or read a word specific to the lesson activity.

Free MEville to WEville Consultation
We would like to schedule a 30-minute call with you to learn about your literacy instruction challenges. During our call, we will discuss your pain points, educational goals, and how MEville to WEville can quickly get your students and teachers moving in the right direction.
Scientific Research
AbleNet believes strongly in tirelessly working to ensure curricular programs we develop demonstrate successful outcomes. We do this, both during the development process, and also post launch. We partner with university professors, administrators, and teachers to ensure we’re studying the outcomes our curriculums are having with students. We make it an essential part of our product development staff time to capture research results from respondents across the country. Based on our results-driven goal, AbleNet has confidence the investment you make with us will result in better student outcomes.

MEville to WEville Curriculum White Paper
MEville to WEville Samples
Please click here to access the MEville to WEville samples.
Companion Books
The AbleNet Curriculum Team knows how important it is that our companion books support and connect the concepts within MEville to WEville so our students have the best opportunity to develop their literacy skills. We searched high and low to find an author who could write the books we needed to support the vocabulary and lessons while engaging students. In addition to finding a skilled author to develop these unique books, we also found a talented illustrator to support our elementary books and an insightful photographer to support our secondary book collection. We’d like to invite you to meet and learn about these important contributors to MEville to WEville 3.0!

Susan McMullan, Author
Susan McMullan studied Journalism at the University of Iowa and International Journalism at City University of London. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with husband, Bob. They have two children, Kyle and Ally. Susan currently teaches Creative Writing at a local elementary school. When she is not teaching or writing, Susan can be found in her rocking chair on her front porch watching the butterflies land on her flowers.

Kaylene Ruwart, Illustrator
Kaylene Ruwart started drawing when she was three and never really stopped. She also teaches Japanese, enjoys tea, reading, watching movies, writing, and hanging out with her cat. Someday, she would like to meet the Loch Ness Monster.

Lisa Giebink, Photographer
Lisa Giebink completed her Masters degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She currently works as an Early Childhood Speech and Language Pathologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lisa's hobbies include photography, sewing, and traveling.

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