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Remarkable Ideas

Apple Experiment - Will it Float?

Students learn about the difference between "floating" and "sinking". Students take turns putting things in water and watching if the object sinks or floats. They will learn about the different types of things that float, and sink. Students are then shown an apple, and need to predict if the apple is going to float or sink using the iTalk2.

What you do:

     • Record the name of each float/sink object on the Step-by-Step
        communicator, one object name per step.

     • Create a "float"and a "sink" picture/symbol, each approximately
        two inches in diameter. Put the symbols on either side of the iTalk2,
        and record the words "float" "sink" on the respective sides. Create
        a large "float" and "sink" picture/symbol. Glue each on a separate
        sheet of construction paper.

     • Students take turns using the Step-by-Step to read off the names of
        each of the objects. As each object is named, students identify that
        object from the set of objects on display.

     • Put one object that floats in the water and show students the "float"
        picture/symbol and explain that when something stays on the top of
        the water, we say that it floats. Put one object that sinks in the
        water and show students the "sink" picture/symbol and explain
        that when something goes right to the bottom of the container of
        the water, we say that it sinks. Instruct students that they are going
        to take turns putting different objects in the water, to find out if the
        object floats or sinks. Let students take turns selecting objects and
        placing them in the water. Once they determine if the objects floats
        or sinks place it near the "float" or "sink" paper.

     • Review the types of things that float, and the types of things that
        sink, and name reasons why something may float or sink.

     • Show students the apple and ask them to think about whether an
        apple will float or sink. Have them take turns using the iTalk2 to
        predict if they think the apple will float or sink. A student or teacher
        puts the apple in the water, and students say if it floats or sinks.
        Students say if they made the right prediction.

AbleNet's Remarkable Ideas

Over the course of more than 25 years, we have discovered amazing ways people use our products to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. The Remarkable Idea series highlights some of the greatest examples of this creativity from around the world and provides you with the resources you need to use these concepts in your efforts.

What you need:

Objects to sink (i.e. golf ball, key, egg, can of vegetables, egg, pen)
Objects to float (i.e. ping pong ball, plastic bag, pencil, plastic spoon, paper cup)
Large container to fill with water
Construction paper

Lesson Objectives:

Choice making

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