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About This Curriculum

Equals PreK math is a proven multi-sensory math curriculum for students with disabilities currently in a preschool setting with special education services. Students learn readiness math as active learners, including students with significant and intellectual disabilities.

Students begin by connecting their world to math concepts, building math knowledge over time. With linked lessons and vocabulary, Equals PreK math provides multiple paths for teachers to provide support for their students as they play, learn, and show what they know.

As students learn vocabulary, move concrete objects to solve problems, and talk about math, individual needs are met through use of the Action Dictionary with a variety of adaptations to support students’ language, motor, and cognition.

Curriculum Features

  • aligned to state preschool standards and guidelines
  • research-based best practice math instruction
  • thoughtfully ordered and connected lesson objectives
  • learned skills and vocabulary connected to future lessons
  • assessment administered in play-based and/or center-based format
  • concrete kit materials depicted in semi-concrete pic-symbol supported cards
  • flexible for 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day programs
  • challenge stations combine learned skills in new activities
  • reviews built into schedule
  • cross-curriculum connections to: social skills, literacy, art, music, movement, and play

Student Engagement and Support

  • built-in supports in print materials for instant differentiation
  • motor, language, and cognition adaptations to meet individual needs
  • interactive manipulatives, posters, songs, cards, and workmats for active engagement
  • hands-on experiences with multi-sensory activities and concrete manipulatives
  • embedded vocabulary and skill review throughout lesson
  • review daily with Math Wonder Wall

Teacher Support

  • lesson structure consistent with best practice math instruction
  • teacher’s guide with daily math lessons
  • fidelity training with experienced educators
  • includes simple organization and lesson prep
  • multiple ways to access AbleNet curriculum team
  • letters for parents encourage and support involvement