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IntelliKeys USB

Product Number: 139459
IntelliKeys is no longer available.

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IntelliKeys is no longer available.

There are no alternative customizable keyboard options for the IntelliKeys keyboard at this time. However, there are several large key keyboard options available: BIGkeys LX,
Chester Creek VisionBoard

Additional Information

Compatability OS X, Windows
Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty
Free Shipping No
IntelliKeys USB plugs into the computer's USB port and provides access for anyone with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities who has difficulty using a standard keyboard. In combination with its many overlays, it is the most flexible alternative keyboard available, providing individualized support for young students, struggling learners, and ELL students. The universal design of the overlays provides large, well-spaced keys in high contrast colors to help students locate letters, numbers, words, and directional arrows. Concepts are broken down into manageable components, with streamlined choices, fewer concepts at a time, pictures to support learning—even student photographs for personalization.

Personalized Touch Control
IntelliKeys USB's sophisticated programming allows teachers to customize each keyboard by selecting:
  • How quickly each key responds to touch
  • How quickly each key repeats (fast to slow)
  • Whether the repeat feature is on or off
  • How quickly the mouse moves
  • Whether to latch the shift and control keys for one-finger typists
  • Whether the student must lift off before another key press is recognized
  • Smart typing, such as punctuation spacing and "q" automatically followed by "u"

Customizable Switch Interface
IntelliKeys USB also works with switch-accessible software and helps the transition from switch-scanning to direct-select access. It is compatible with cable and wireless AbleNet switches. Overlay Maker can be used to program words or phrases for switches connected to IntelliKeys USB.
Other Key Features:
  • Macintosh and Windows compatible
  • Works alongside standard keyboard
  • Works with any keyboard-accessible software
  • Customizable settings with Setup Overlay or control panel
  • Updates can be downloaded from the web
  • Convenient and flexible switch interface
  • Plugs and unplugs without disruption
  • Turns on or off while connected
  • Customized layouts using Overlay Maker
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 17.3 x 10.3 x 1.1-in/438.2 x 260.4 x 28.6-mm

Standard Overlays
These durable overlays are included with IntelliKeys USB allow students to work with writing, math, and drawing programs; the Internet; and email:
Other Key Features:
  • Alphabet overlay
  • Basic writing overlay
  • QWERTY overlay
  • Web overlay
  • Math access overlay
  • Mouse access overlay
  • Set-up overlay

Create Customized Overlays
Overlay Maker is a software program that transforms the IntelliKeys keyboard into a curriculum access device, opening up a world that was previously closed to many students with special physical or cognitive needs.
Windows System Requirements (US / English)
Operating System: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Minimum Processor: Pentium 166MHz with working USB port
Minimum RAM: 512 MB
HD Space Required: 1 GB free hard drive space
Minimum Display: Required
DVD: Required
Sound Card: No
IntelliKeys Required: Yes
Mouse Accessible: NA
Switch Accessible: has 2 switch jacks
Runs from CD: No

Macintosh System Requirements
Operating System: OS 9.x, OS 10.1 through 10.8. 32- and 64-bit versions
Minimum RAM: 4.5 MB available RAM
HD Space Required: 14 MB hard drive space
Minimum Computer: iMac 350MHz or G3 350MHz (blue & white) with working USB port
Minimum Display: Required
DVD: Required
Sound Card: No
IntelliKeys Required: Yes
Mouse Accessible: NA
Switch Accessible: has 2 switch jacks
Runs from CD: No
The Many Faces of IntelliKeys
IntelliKeys' flexibility and versatility have led to applications far beyond its traditional classroom use. IntelliKeys is currently enabling first-time access for senior computer users, creating customized keyboards for individual adaptability in the work environment, and providing access - even serving as a communications device - for patients in acute care and rehabilitation
What do we mean by Computer Access?
Personal computer technology has revolutionized how we communicate, learn, manage information, and entertain ourselves. But for many people it is difficult or impossible to enjoy those benefits. For example:
  • School children with physical or cognitive disabilities
  • Adults recovering from accidents or illness
  • Seniors with mobility limitations
  • Employers with disabled employees
  • Anyone with low vision
  • Very young computer users
For over 20 years IntelliTools has been helping to bridge this gap. We offer a variety of alternative devices and software that can accommodate almost any challenge, and enable almost anyone to use a computer.

Seniors Surfing the Web
Seniors, using computers and IntelliKeys are gaining access to the world wide web, for information, shopping, and most importantly, e-mailing family and friends.

It's Never 2 Late (Englewood, Colorado) and ClickSilver (El Cerrito and Kensington, California), two organizations dedicated to helping senior citizens learn to use computers, find IntelliKeys to be the perfect tool for teaching first-timers how to use a computer and the Internet.

Gateway to Learning for Students
For some students the computer is more than just a helpful tool. It can be their hands, eyes, and voice. These are the kids who have a physical disability that may prevent them from speaking, controlling their movements, or seeing small type on the screen or keyboard. For these students access to the computer is their life.

Rehabilitation Services

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute (Spokane, Washington), which uses IntelliKeys in its Assistive Technology program, recently invented a new use for the keyboard when it creatively deployed IntelliKeys as a communication device for a critically injured patient in its intensive care unit.


The Governor's Office of Disability Affairs in Louisiana has acknowledged that the IntelliKeys Keyboard is a device that fits their goals for consumer accessibility to computers at their One Stop Centers. The One Stops offer a variety of services such as Job Service, Unemployment Insurance and Disability programs. At these sites a person can utilize one of their computers to access on-line jobs and post resumes through their internet connection.

IntelliKeys USB boards are also being used at the State Commonwealth of Kentucky One Stops and Career Centers for the State of Kansas Vocational Rehab Centers.

Department of Defense signs on IntelliKeys
The Department of Defense has recognized IntelliKeys as an important tool for access to the computer and educational curriculum for children with disabilities and for communicating with people who are rehabilitating from injuries.

Libraries Recognize Need for Access
IntelliKeys has been determined appropriate for meeting the ADA requirements for accessibility within Libraries. IntelliKeys meets 508 compliance.

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