Latitude 360 for Assistive Technology

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About This Product



Latitude 360 is part of AbleNet’s line of quick-ready mounting solutions. When precise positioning of assistive technology is required, Latitude 360 is the mounting arm for the job. Setup is easy and takes less than 2-minutes.

  • Includes ableCARE on-demand support
    Built ableSTRONG to endure bumps and other environmental conditions

Common Uses

  • Positioning an accessibility switch like the Jelly Bean or Specs in a location that is easy and comfortable for the user to access
    Positioning a speech device like the BIGmack or LITTLE Step-by-Step in a location that is easy and comfortable for the user to access


  • Three fully articulating joints provide 360-degree movement for precise positioning.
  • Super Clamp attaches to almost any flat table edge or round or square tube on a wheelchair or bed frame.
  • Universal Mounting Plate and Dual Lock hold most accessibility switches, speech devices, and other lightweight assistive technology. Universal Mounting Plate and Dual Lock included.


Have questions about Latitude 360 or how to use it? Looking for a different mounting solution? Contact the ableCARE Product Success Team at (651) 294-3101 or click here to email ableCARE.

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