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MEville to WEville Complete Collection

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MEville to WEville is the first research-based K-12 emerging literacy and communication curriculum for students with significant disabilities.

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The first research-based K-12 literacy curriculum developed specifically for students with significant disabilities.
MEville to WEville Complete Collection is a literacy program aligned to State, Alternate, Common Core State Standards, and Common Core Essential Elements. The program was developed for students with significant disabilities who need an appropriate starting place to develop emerging literacy skills. The appropriately paced lessons and differentiation assistive technology strategies were specifically incorporated into the curriculum to meet the unique needs of students with significant disabilities. The program connects literacy skills with the students' real world experiences and what they know: themselves [ME], their families [MY FAMILY], and their school [MY SCHOOL]. Within these topics, students learn concept of print skills and vocabulary while gaining experience with fundamental literacy skills. Students interact with text in a wide variety of ways to understand what good readers do.
In MEville to WEville students have multiple opportunities to learn concept of print skills in the context of what skillful readers do to think, understand, and react to a story. They truly see and learn what it means to read and write. You will find a tremendous amount of upport for students to do just that, by way of:
  • sensibly paced lessons and support within the lessons
  • a differentiation guide with multiple ideas and solutions
  • the careful format and design of reproducible materials

More details about what’s included:
  • MEville to WEville Curriculum Teachers Guide with over 200 lessons
  • Pre-Printed Vocabulary Cards for MEville to WEville
  • 3 Elementary Themed Books Adapted for the Bookworm
  • 3 Secondary Themed Books Adapted for the Bookworm
  • QuickTalker 7 Speech Generating Device
  • Bookworm Literacy Tool
  • Extending MEville to WEville Curriculum
  • Pre-Printed Vocabulary Cards for Extending MEville to WEville
  • Three Sets of Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters with CDs from Don Johnston, Inc.
  • Extending MEville to WEville - designed to enhance literacy and skill development as students mature with the program
  • A MEville to WEville Action Dictionary
  • Carry-all box for moving around the room or storing materials
  • Online Members Only support website available 24/7 with access to educator resources including:
    • Assessments: communication, writing, vocabulary, letter names/sounds, concepts of print, lesson objectives
    • Lesson reproducibles
    • Concept of print lesson activities
    • Initial letter and rhyming lessons, linked to MEville to WEville vocabulary
    • QuickTalker 7 overlays for every lesson
    • Program updates and enhancements
  • See additional kit details.
Scientific Research
AbleNet believes strongly in tirelessly working to ensure curricular programs we develop demonstrate successful outcomes. We do this, both during the development process, and also post launch. We partner with university professors, administrators, and teachers to ensure we’re studying the outcomes our curriculums are having with students. We make it an essential part of our product development staff time to capture research results from respondents across the country. Based on our results-driven goal, AbleNet has confidence the investment you make with us will result in better student outcomes.

MEville to WEville Complete Collection White Paper
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