MEville to WEville Curriculum

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About This Curriculum

MEville to WEville is a proven hands-on emergent literacy and communication program for learning concepts of print skills for students with disabilities. Students learn pre-readiness literacy skills and what it means to be a reader as active literacy learners, including students with moderate to significant intellectual disabilities, K-12th grade.

Students connect their world and what they know about themselves, their families, and their school to concepts of print, building their literacy knowledge over time. With linked lesson objectives and vocabulary, MEville to WEville provides multiple paths for teachers to provide support for their students as they learn and demonstrate what was learned. Through use of common literacy strategies good readers use, such as identifying main idea and details, text connections, identifying and reading for a purpose, students begin to understand how reading works, its use, and enjoyment.

Individual needs, using tools to write and complete projects, learn literacy strategies and vocabulary, and talking about books and experiences, are met through use of the Action Dictionary with a variety of adaptations to support students’ language, motor, and cognition.

  • aligned to CCEE and individual state standards
  • original stories related to literacy strategies, vocabulary, and lesson themes
  • research-based methodologies with proven results
  • thoughtfully ordered and connected lesson objectives
  • pre-requisite skills connect to higher concepts of print skills and literacy strategies
  • vocabulary linked by theme across lessons
  • informal assessments for progress monitoring
  • letter and rhyming lessons introduce phonics and phonemic awareness

Student Engagement and Support

  • built-in supports within each lesson
  • interactive templates for active engagement and experience with letters and words
  • hands-on experiences with multi-sensory activities
  • teacher modeling throughout lesson
  • exploration of concepts of print with daily readings
  • support materials for literacy strategies and how to think about a story

Teacher Support

  • lesson structure consistent with best practice instruction
  • teacher’s guide with daily lessons
  • fidelity training with experienced educators
  • support in identifying IEP goals that matter
  • multiple ways to access AbleNet curriculum team