Our Guiding Principles | AbleNet Inc.

AbleNet is committed to you, our customers, employees, and supplier partners. Our guiding principles cover the environment, safety, commitment to positive outcomes, best-in-class service, and world-class products. We know you expect more from us, and we are working to deliver.


Equity is at the foundation of AbleNet, given our 35-years of experience creating solutions for individuals with disabilities. We believe in fairness, that all individuals are equal, and that everyone should have equal opportunities to achieve their goals and contribute to society. This commitment reaches beyond our customers; it includes all aspects of our organization. To learn more Learn More about Equity.


AbleNet is committed to using sustainable resources, reducing our carbon footprint, and being forward-thinking in how decisions we make today may impact the environment. To learn more about the steps we are taking today to build a business that protects the environment, Learn More about Environmental.


AbleNet’s commitment to the regulatory agencies that ensure products are safe and personal privacy is honored is part of our DNA as an organization. We see regulatory responsibilities to our customers, vendor partners, and employees as a partnership – together, we ensure a safe and responsible future for all. To learn more about what we are doing to ensure regulatory compliance Learn More about Regulatory.

Best Outcomes

AbleNet ensures your student, client, or loved one can achieve the best outcome possible when using an AbleNet solution. While everyone stretches their resources farther and farther, we’re committed to ensuring our products can help you achieve your goals. Whether it is our focus on making things simple and easy or providing research that supports student and client goals, we’re here for you. Learn More about Outcomes to learn more about how AbleNet ensures the best outcomes possible.


Knowledge drives confidence and alleviates anxiety. We are committed to ensuring we're helping all medical professionals, educators, family members, and other stakeholders build their library of knowledge. To learn more about what AbleNet is doing to help individuals develop their library of knowledge, Learn More about Knowledge.

New Products, Better Products

AbleNet is committed to developing new products for individuals with disabilities.  Our focus in new product development is to do our best to leverage the latest technology while balancing all our guiding principles. We are equally committed to improving existing products by seeking the latest technology and new features our customers are asking for.  By staying committed to new products and creating better products ensures AbleNet will be here to support our customers for years to come. To learn more about AbleNet’s product development efforts, Learn More about Products.

Best-in-class Service

Best-in-class service is core to AbleNet's strategy. Our ability to offer enhanced service is essential to our overall success. Whether it's our customer service commitment to first call resolution and rapid response or our ableCARE Product Success Team supporting products in the field, we're focused on providing best-in-class service. Learn More about Service to learn more about what AbleNet does to ensure best-in-class service.

Employee Engagement

At our core, AbleNet believes great employees make the difference. Our commitment to this belief is so strong that our employees are part owners. We’re an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. Each team member is committed to you – the customer and vendor partner. That’s a win for everyone! To learn more about our ESOP company, Learn More about Employee Engagement.