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Android is the mobile operating system of choice for many tablet and mobile phone users around the world. Android is affordable, available on a variety of different devices, and provides a flexible platform for developers to work with. However, individuals with physical disabilities may be unable to use the multi-touch display on their Android device with touches, taps, or multi-touch gestures.

One commonly overlooked feature of Android is that it enables a user to connect a mouse to their device and with this mouse connection a user with a physical disability can use TrackerPro as a hands-free mouse. This hands-free access can be used to turn their Android device into a dedicated speech generating device, to read e-books, browse the internet, write emails, and much more.

Android As A Dedicated Speech Generating Device
Predictable App is a robust text-to-speech app with word prediction from Therapy Box. Simply attach the TrackerPro to the Android device, open the Predictable app, and configure the dwell selection settings within the app. In minutes, you’ll have a fully functional dedicated speech generating device that can be used hands-free.
Predictable App
Access to Email, Internet, Photography, e-Books, and other Features on Android Devices
With TrackerPro, you have the ability to use a switch to activate a mouse click. By holding a switch and moving the mouse cursor with TrackerPro, a user can emulate swipe gestures on the Android device to navigate around the device or turn pages in an e-Book. Using the switch to click also gives the user the power to type, open apps, make selections, take photos, and much more.

If you want hands-free access to your Android device, try the MouseTrack app from Therapy Box. MouseTrack gives the user the ability to use dwell selection with TrackerPro. With the MouseTrack toolbar, the user can easily launch the web browser or email.

MouseTrack App
Don’t Forget About Mounting for Accessibility
A properly mounted and positioned Android device and TrackerPro will provide the user an enjoyable experience that they can use throughout the day and in a variety of situations. Our two favorite easy-to-use mounting systems are the Latitude Arm with Adjustable Cradle and Table Top Suction Mount with Adjustable Cradle. Both mounts are compatible with a variety of Android tablets with or without a case on them.

Table Top Suction Mount