Assistive Technology 101

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A Comprehensive Two-Day Workshop Available At Your District Or At A Regional Event Location!

AbleNet has received permission to offer 1.3 RESNA CEUs for this course.

AT 101 is a comprehensive, hands-on, two-day workshop designed to give educators and clinicians practical experience with assistive technology from various AT companies. With the completion of AT 101, your team will confidently and effectively integrate these solutions with your curriculum and school environment to foster student success. Our workshop experience includes hundreds of products, from well-known providers to the assistive technology industry, including consumer devices, which are rapidly becoming an excellent option to consider for our students with disabilities. Click here to review the full list of AT companies and products that are reviewed and discussed.
AT 101

The workshop can be hosted in your district and can be designed specifically for your students, or you can send members of your staff to one of our regional events near your district office. Both offer excellent opportunities to better familiarize your staff with core assistive technology solutions, new AT products, classroom technology, as well as how to leverage consumer devices in the classroom for our students with disabilities.

Attendees Will Gain:

  • Proven strategies for assessing AT needs of students: Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM), Common Core, data-based decision making, effective instruction, SETT Framework, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and web and browser-based tools
  • Valuable implementation tactics of AT in your classrooms
  • Integration techniques with curriculum used in your classrooms
  • Understanding of the latest assistive technology available
  • Approaches for product considerations so the district invests in the right product not just an expensive product
  • Methods for designing a least restrictive environment to effectively meet IEP objectives
This informative and highly valued two-day workshop includes an experienced trainer with maximum interaction with ALL types of assistive technology products with all attendees. As part of the workshop, attendees will have a tremendous amount of hands-on support and highly specialized outcomes based on your district goals. With so many products to work with and highly customized objectives to accomplish, we can only manage a maximum of 100 participants in each workshop. This allows us to ensure full value for each of your identified participants.

Want to learn more or schedule an AT 101 two-day workshop today? Just call our AbleNet Customer Service team at 1-800-322-0956 ext 2207, or email us at . Our team of Customer Service professionals will help make the process efficient and easy!

See what instructors and attendees are saying about AT 101!
Training Schedule

This is a sample agenda of what an AT 101 training event would cover. Prior to the event, our expert trainers will review your district’s specific needs to ensure those are included in the training.

Day 1

  • Overview: Introductions / Review Terminology
  • o Orientation to learning tools,
    o AT cycle
    o Universal design for learning
    o Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)
    o Common core
    o Addressing state-based Standards
    o Data-Based decisions
    o QIAT
    o Wisconsin Assistive Technology Information Assessment
    o SETT Framework

  • Access: Exploration of a variety of access tools including switches, computers, and tablets
  • AIM: How to develop and deliver effective curriculum materials
  • AAC: Low tech to mid-tech to high-tech
  • AAC: Develop learning plans
  • Q&A
Day 2

  • Mobile Technology: Everyday tech as AT, web 2.0 tools, apps, and built in accessibility features
  • Literacy: Tools and strategies for reading, writing, and math
  • AT for Sensory: Supports and tools for individuals who are visually impaired or hard of hearing
  • AT for Social Integration: Tools and strategies for individuals with developmental disabilities and transition into the community, work, or post-secondary education
  • AT Trials & Implementation: Strategies to implement AT and QIAT tools
  • Personal Learning Network
  • Q&A
List of AT Providers Typically Covered

In addition to reviewing all the instructional, best practice processes, and assessment tools, the workshop focuses on hands-on learning with devices included! Below is a list of different manufacturers whose various products could be discussed and reviewed during the active 2-day sessions. If you have very specific products or don’t see a key product provider on the list please let our expert trainers know so they can be prepared to include those in your custom training session.

  • AbleNet
  • Adaptivation
  • Applied Human Factors
  • AssistiveWare
  • Attainment Company
  • Crick Software
  • Don Johnston
  • Freedom Scientific
  • Humanware
  • Inclusive TLC
  • InfoGrip
  • Inspiration
  • Kurzweil Educational
  • Onion Mountain Technology
  • Panther
  • Sonocent
  • Sun Castle Technology
  • TextHelp Systems
  • Tobii/Dynavox
  • Widgit

Here is what AT 101 Workshop attendees are saying:

“All the hands-on time and time to discover was great! This was a true get-to-know AT workshop for me.” MD Workshop Attendee

“The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly. I felt comfortable asking questions of the trainers and other participants.” MD Workshop Attendee
“I LOVE the Google website to access this presentation so I can share the info with my team. The organization was fantastic! I particularly appreciated the discussion on Chrome and the topic area of mobile devices as it is growing so fast and difficult to keep up with.” MD Workshop Attendee
“The training addressed the needs of 100 percent of participants. Instructors worked together like well-fitting puzzle pieces. Humor used was appropriate. Instructors conducted themselves as if they were our work partners and we were solving needs and applying AT solutions collaboratively. I felt as if the instructors were experts but talked at a level that was very easy to digest. Had the latest technology.” MD Workshop Attendee
“Great resources and provided strategies for implementation.” MD Workshop Attendee
Meet your Assistive Technology 101 Trainers
Kelly Fonner, MS
Kelly has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 35-years and presents to schools, universities, and families in almost every state in the United States as well as in Australia, Canada and South Africa. She presents on a wide range of topics including technology integration, augmentative communication, computer access, literacy, electronic writing, organizers, behavior supports, and assistive technology assessment and implementation strategies.
Mike Marotta, RESNA Certified ATP
Mike has been an innovator in the field of assistive technology for over 20-years. Starting as a provider of direct services, he has transitioned to a leadership role within the assistive technology community that has seen him impacting not only service provision, but also systems change activities and pre-service training for new professionals.
AT 101 FAQ’s
AbleNet has received permission to offer 1.3 RESNA CEUs for this course.
I need a Content Evaluation Tool in order to approve this training. Do you have a content evaluation tool?
Yes, we have Content Evaluation Tool. This tool can be found in our Content Overview document. Download Overview
Do you have more detailed information pertaining to AT101 for me to submit for our school’s professional development budget, including more details to the CEU credits provided by RESNA?
Yes, we have created a more comprehensive informational packet providing more detail around AT101 Training program. This informational packet is available for download below and includes the trainer’s signed agreements with RESNA, along with additional information necessary to approve CEU credits from RESNA. Download additional information
Can our school district host an Assistive Technology 101 Workshop?
Yes, just contact our Customer Service, at 651-294-2200 or . We will work you to make sure everyone’s schedule will work together.
How much does it cost to have a workshop at our district?
The Assistive Technology 101 workshop, if done at your district, will cost $7,500 and includes the trainer. There are no other expenses. All travel is covered for the value of $7,500.
How to do we get a regional event near our district?
It’s easy to just reach out to Customer Service at 651-294-2200 or via email at We’ll look at the region you’re in and see if we can invite enough participants to make everything worthwhile for the investment. We’re always looking for new regions to host the workshop so please let us know your interest.
Does the workshop include continuing education credits?
This workshop includes RESNA CEUs. For a two day workshop the CEU credits are 1.3 units.
Can we only have a one day workshop?
No, we feel two days allows everyone enough time and attention to really learn the most from the workshop content.
Does your program include AT for students with Down Syndrome who are fully included and could use AT to access the grade level curriculum?
Yes, we address the integration of assistive technology whether for students using grade level curriculum or for those students using curriculum developed specifically for special education students. The program will be less focused on specific disabilities (students with Downs Syndrome) and instead focus on the functional needs of each student. The tools and strategies we discuss throughout the two days would assist a team with supporting a student in all content areas as well as in computer/tablet/interactive whiteboard access.
Does the workshop cover birth to age 5 or only K12?
The workshop is really designed for K12 students not for birth to 5.
Would it be okay to bring in your own technology to the session?
Yes, bring your own technology. We’ll address the tools you’re using!
What is the maximum number of teachers we can have at the workshop?
In order to maximize the hands-on learning and experience, we suggest no more than 100 attendees.

AT 101 Inquiry Form

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