AbleNet Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

AbleNet Cleaning and Sanitizing ProceduresAbleNet Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

AbleNet follows a series of procedures for receiving, cleaning and disinfecting, and shipping products to minimize the risk of transmitting an infectious disease to anyone who interacts with the product. If you have questions about any of AbleNet’s procedures, please contact Technical Support at (800) 322-0956 or [email protected].

Receiving Procedure
Products that are received by AbleNet are moved to a dedicated and clearly marked area for products that may be dirty or contaminated. Products are then inspected and go through a cleaning procedure.

Product Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures
AbleNet staff responsible for cleaning and sanitizing product and equipment are:

  • properly trained in infection control practices and guidelines
  • thoroughly knowledgeable of the cleaning methodology specified by the manufacturer, state regulations, and AbleNet policy for all equipment and product handled.
  • aware of the hazards associated with the use of the cleaning/disinfecting/de-germing agents, including inhalation of vapors and dermatologic contact.
  • using readily available personal protective equipment appropriately to clean and decontaminate returned equipment or products.
  • following recommendations on material safety data sheets (MSDS) which are on site for all chemicals or products used in cleaning or repair in the office, retail area and warehouse. New MSDS will be collected as needed.
  • complying with AbleNet policies for cleaning and tagging equipment or products.
  • aware of the process to pursue in the event of inadvertent self-contamination.
The following procedure is used for cleaning and sanitizing AbleNet products that are returned for a refund or returned from a trial. This procedure is also used to clean and sanitize any equipment used to store, service, or repair AbleNet products.

  1. Wash hands with soap and running water for a minimum of 20-seconds per CDC guidelines.
  2. Apply vinyl or latex disposable gloves to clean hands.
  3. Use additional personal protective equipment if the product is visibly contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials, or if there is a risk for splatter.
  4. Place product in AbleNet’s designated area for cleaning.
  5. Clean all surfaces of product with the required germicidal/virucidal disinfectant and cloth or paper towels until it is determined that the product is completely free of soil, filth, and stains. Some products may require disassembly to clean all surfaces.
  6. Allow product to air dry for 10-minutes before making further contact.
  7. While the product is air drying, process or dispose of used towels, gloves, and other personal protective equipment appropriately.
  8. Move the product to a clean area or to the equipment checking area.
  9. Wash hands with soap and running water for a minimum of 20-seconds per CDC guidelines.
Order Fulfillment Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure
When inventory is picked from our warehouse for a shipment, cleaning wipes are used to sanitize the outer packaging prior to being shipped.