Our Guiding Principles

AbleNet is committed to you, our customers, employees, and supplier partners. We know you expect more from us, and we’re working to deliver. Our guiding principles today cover the environment, safety, our commitment to positive outcomes, world-class products and service, and more.


As a commitment to our world, AbleNet has instituted a roadmap to environmental sustainability from product packaging to manufacturing to material sourcing. We appreciate and understand that environmentally sustainable options are continually improving. We know we can use this commitment to building stronger, more robust, and more beautiful products for individuals with disabilities while maintaining our commitment to an environmentally responsible world.


AbleNet conducts our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations for products across all countries we provide solutions. We do this not because we must but because we want to. Knowing we’ve met all regulatory requirements ensures the safety of our employees, our customers, and the public.


AbleNet knows knowledge creates understanding, and better understanding allows for connection and appreciation for others. AbleNet is committed to reaching our worldwide disability market with free educational webinars offered by experts across the globe.

Best Outcomes

AbleNet understands selecting the right product can unlock the world for someone. Our product loan program allows you to try them out and see if the product you’ve carefully chosen unlocks the potential you envisioned. We know the best product solution can result in the best outcome, and we encourage you to try it and see it for yourself.

Research to Ensure Results

AbleNet develops products we know will make an impact on your students. Don’t just believe us; you can see it for yourself in our commitment to independent research on our flagship math program Equals. With limited budgets, AbleNet invests in research so you can see results and make an informed decision – investing in what works.

New Products, Better Products

AbleNet is committed to incorporating the latest technology into all our current products; and using those new technologies to innovate new solutions for our market. Our market values innovation, and we’re committed to ensuring products we build now, and in the future, include the best technology available.

Best-in-class Service

We’re committed to offering best-in-class service and support. We offer free shipping and ongoing shipping status updates to ensure you experience a stress-free order. We invest in technology that helps keep you informed on everything from product availability to pricing to warranty support. It’s not enough to offer just great products; AbleNet is committed to providing excellent products with outstanding service, warranties to product availability, and more.