Leadership Team

Board of Directors
Bill Sproull

Chairman of the Board

Bill Sproull has been involved with AbleNet since it was founded and enjoyed a long and successful career with Minneapolis-based Honeywell from 1955 to 1988. During his time with Honeywell, Sproull served in a variety of roles, including Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Director of Business Development. He also served as President and Chairman of the Electronics Company, President and founder of a private airport focused on sports flying, Trustee and Chairman of the Soaring Society of America Foundation, and taught Strategic and International Management at the Graduate School of Business for the University of St. Thomas. He also holds the distinction of being inducted into the US Soaring Hall of Fame. Sproull holds a PhD in Business Administration from the American University of Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Thalhuber

Board of Directors

Jennifer Thalhuber joined AbleNet, Inc. as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in August 2006 and was promoted to CEO in April 2007. Thalhuber comes to her current role well grounded in business experience through numerous executive roles in sales, marketing, general management, business development, and CEO. She currently serves on several corporate boards and is President of the board of directors for the Assistive Technology Industry Association. Jen Thalhuber holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota and is a chemical engineering graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology.

William Mills

Board of Directors, Chair of AbleNet Executive Committee, & Strategic Planning Chair

William Mills joined the board of AbleNet in 1999. He is President and CEO of William Mills and Associates, a well-known and successful Minnesota management and consulting firm. In addition, Mr. Mills serves as CEO of The Executive Group, a group of CEOs and presidents who meet regularly as an executive think tank, and is a partner in Red Dragon, LLC, an online brainstorming/idea management process. William Mills’ work with such industry leaders as 3M, Pillsbury, ATT Wireless, and Alliant Techsystems led to his being recognized as Facilitator of the Year by Leadership Management, Inc., a national network of more than 500 training organizations. Mills is an honors graduate from the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota where he received his degree in Engineering in 1979.

Paul Sugden

Former Vice President of Finance, IT & CFO, Trustee

Paul Sugden joined AbleNet in 1990 as Head of Financial and Accounting Services and was named CFO in 2001. Prior to joining AbleNet, Sugden was employed as Controller and Treasurer of Bulan, Inc. and served as the Auditor, Financial Analyst, and Regional Controller for Minnesota Title Insurance Corporation. He is a member of NOREX, an international association of information technology professionals, and is a professional volunteer affiliate with the Boy Scouts of America. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota.