AT for your Child with Complex Cognitive Needs: Communication Supports

February 11, 2020, 12:00 pm CST - 60-minutes

Part 2 of a 3-part series

Communication implementation supports at home or school don’t come with a download. Whether your child is using a free or simple AAC App or one that is complex or costs hundreds of dollars, child and partner strategies probably aren’t as easy as the click to “install” button. This session will take you through five steps to AAC success that are used in real classrooms and at home. These strategies have been blended from a variety of implementation approaches and updated for today’s AAC apps.
Step 1) Have a Plan> This webinar will begin with an overview of different classroom-based implementation strategies available, giving you a foundation of choice for your students.
Step 2) Everybody On-board> We will review all the classroom stakeholders who make “and/or break” the implementation of AAC in the classroom. How to bring them around and, how you can see it their way.
Step 3) Teaching Communication> Everyone needs to know where the student is headed communicatively, not just the SLP. Using AAC needs to be taught during a real activity in a classroom setting, not just at a table being fed to touch a button.
Steps 4&5) well, you just have to join the webinar and find out.


Kelly Fonner

Kelly Fonner


Kelly is a self-employed consultant and trainer in assistive and educational technology. She has a BS in Special Education from Millersville University & an MS in Educational Technology with emphasis in Rehabilitation/Special Education Technology from The Johns Hopkins University. Her continuing education & research is in the area of Adult Education & Urban Education at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She holds an Assistive Technology Applications Certificate of Learning from California State University - Northridge. Kelly has been a teacher, para-educator, instructional media specialist, assistive technology specialist in early education, school & university settings. She has worked for a statewide AT project & has been an instructor in university courses.

Since 1986 Kelly has presented at schools, conferences, & to families in 48 states and internationally (Australia, Canada, South Africa). She speaks on a wide-range of topics including augmentative communication, computer access, electronic literacy, study skills, AT assessment & implementation strategies. Each year, she works with approximately 50 school-based teams & families supporting students’ implementation of AAC & literacy implementation in the classroom. Kelly is also the relative to individuals with CP, Aspergers & acquired disabilities, which impacts her perspective on the field. She is available to do seminars, webinars, consultations & workshops.


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