October 27, 2020 | 10:00 AM CST | 60 minutes

This presentation will help (K-12) teachers discover how to make strong mathematical connections in order to allow all children to experience and enjoy the reasoning behind mathematics. Often our students, as well as many adults, have developed the procedural knowledge needed to produce to the "right" answer without any true understanding of how or why a procedure really worked. We must ensure that students start to demystify and conceptualize mathematics. This is the first step in ensuring effective interventions. Dr. Cain's presentation will focus on the how to ensure the ability of the students to understand number through research-supported instruction such as Subitizing, analog models, and deep personal connections.  This presentation will focus on helping adults build a conceptual understanding of fractions so that we can better prepare to teach and make decisions regarding where instruction should begin for our students. 

Cost:   Free

Dr. Chris Cain, NCBT