Mystery Boxes

In this Remarkable Idea students will be challenged to feel disgusting items in the mystery boxes and determine what everyday items are inside. The reward for completing this challenge is a meal made of dirt and worms!

This activity addresses:

  • Critical thinking
  • Choice making
  • Sensory
  • Fine motor skills
  • Alternative methods of access
  • What you need:

    • Jelly Bean
    • TalkingBrix 2
    • PowerLink 4
    • Mystery boxes
      Boxes or containers students cannot see inside of, such as tissue boxes, bowls with a box placed over the top, etc.
      Pictures/labels of the “disgusting” objects inside
      Pictures/labels of the actual objects inside
    • Mystery Box Contents – (These are just some examples)
      Pistachio shells – Fingernails
      Pistachio pudding with mini marshmallows – Boogers
      Grapes (peeled preferably) – Eyeballs
      Baby carrots/little sausages – Fingers
      Baby dill pickles – Witches fingers
      Jello – Brains
      Peeled tomato – Heart
      Cooked Spaghetti – Worms
    • Dirt & Worms
      1-package of instant chocolate pudding
      2-cups of milk
      1-tub (8 oz.) of Cool Whip
      15 chocolate sandwich cookies
      Gummy worms
      Locking plastic bag
      Electric Mixer


    1. Place all the food into the containers so students cannot see what is in them.
    2. Place the “disgusting” item cards on the outside of the containers.
    3. Record “I want to touch it” and “No way!” onto the TalkingBrix 2.

    What to do:

    1. Combine pudding mix and milk into a large bowl. Have a student activate the mixer using the Jelly Bean and PowerLink 4 and whisk for 2-minutes, then let stand for 5-minutes.
    2. Crush 8 chocolate sandwich cookies in a locking plastic bag.
    3. Stir Cool Whip and cookie crumbs into mixture.
    4. Using a spoon, scoop the mixture into cups and refrigerate for 1-hour.
    5. Crush remaining cookies and add to the top of the cups along with gummy worms just before serving.
    6. Allow each student the opportunity to take turns feeling what is inside each container. They will use the TalkingBrix 2 to say “I want to touch it” or “No way!”
    7. Once a student has felt what is inside, allow them guess what they are actually feeling.
    Let them choose from the “actual item” cards and match them to the containers.
    8. At the end of the activity, students can be rewarded for being adventurous enough to feel what was inside the boxes by eating dirt!