Product Loan Program

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Try Before You Buy
We know assistive technology and curriculum are big investments for families and schools; that’s why we’re proud to provide a product loan program. We’ve made it easy for you to review and evaluate our assistive technology and curriculum for yourself for 2-weeks through the AbleNet Product Experience program. We’re confident that you’ll see the value of AbleNet solutions. All of this is at no cost or obligation to you.

Here is How The Program Works
Click on the “Application” tab at the top of this window to complete the submission form. Within 24-hours, an AbleNet representative will contact you to verify your request. The loan product will be shipped to you at no cost. You are required to ship the product back to AbleNet 14-days after receipt of the product. (Return shipping is included free of charge.)
Currently, we offer 2-week loans on the following assistive technology:

  • Squease Pressure Vest
  • Tracker Pro
  • Assistive Technology Kit Includes:
    PowerLink 4 Control Unit, Jelly Bean Twist, Electrical Fan, Night Light, Jelly Beamer Transmitter, Jelly Beamer with Wireless SLAT, Velcro Strap, Battery Operated Pig, Micro Light, Buddy Button, TalkingBrix, BIGmack, LITTLE Step-by-Step, iTalk 2 with Levels, QuickTalker, QuickTalker S, SuperTalker, Switch Click, Hitch Computer Interface, Latitude Mounting System with Universal Mounting Plate, Specs Switch, TalkTrac, Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, and LITTLE Step-by-Step GamePlay
  • Easy-Tech Communication Kit Includes:
    QuickTalker, LITTLE Step-by-Step Choice with Levels, LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels, LITTLE Step-by-Step GamePlay, LITTLEmack, BIGmack, iTalk 2 with Levels, TalkTrac, TalkingBrix (3-pack), SuperTalker and Jelly Bean Twist
  • Getting Started with Switches Includes:
    Big Red, Jelly Bean, Candy Corn, Spec, Blue2 and Mini Beamer Transmitter & Receiver
  • iPad Access Kit Includes:
    Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, Jelly Bean Switch (x2), Candy Corn Switch, Adjustable iPad Cradle and the Table Top Suction Mount
  • Click here to request a QuickTalker Freestyle that Includes: iPad Air 16GB, Trident Case with Carrying Handle, 6 AAC Apps (Proloquo2Go, TouchChat HD AAC with WordPower, GoTalk Now, LAMP, Speak for Yourself, SoundingBoard), Sound Amplifier, Wall Plug, Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, 2 Jelly Bean Twists
  • Specialty Switch Kit Includes:
    Wobble Switch, Micro Light, Pillow, Plate, Ribbon, String, and Latitude Mounting Arm with Mounting Plates
Currently, we offer 2-week loans on the following curriculum:

  • Equals Math Program
  • Equals PreK
  • Equals Pre-Algebra & Pre-Geometry
  • MEville to WEville
Additional Product Loan Details

A credit card is required for all assistive technology loans to private parties.

If your product is not on this list, we recommend purchasing the product. We recognize that not all products are right for all users. If one of our products does not meet your needs, simply return it within 30-days. For more information on our 30-day money back guarantee, click here.
Who is eligible to participate?
The loaner program is open to residents of the 48 contiguous US states.

What if I want to keep my loaned product?
If you would like to purchase the product, simply contact AbleNet. We will be happy to work with you to send back the loan kit and purchase the most up-to-date version. Products in the loan program do not reflect all purchase options. For products that do not arrive back at AbleNet within 21-days of customer receipt, the customer is considered a buyer and will be charged the value of the product or a late fee of 2% will be assessed monthly. For products returned in damaged condition (e.g. permanently marked by customer or damaged beyond repair) an assessment will be made on the cost to refurbish (if possible) or replace the unit. The customer will be contacted with the choice to repair or purchase the product.

Product Loan Request

Please complete the following form to initiate the AbleNet Product Loan process. Follow-up contact will be initiated by our support staff within 24-hours of submission.

Please click here to request a QuickTalker Freestyle loan.

*NOTE: Form must be completed for each item requested.

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  • Only one product per request. Form must be completed for each individual product request.