Feature Match… What’s That? – 60 minutes

As a key component of an Assistive Technology Assessment, Feature Match, is often misunderstood, misused, or missed completely in the process of a consumer receiving an unbiased and full-scoping AT evaluation. Often consumers are met with AT tool recommendations based upon the knowledge base of their local assessor, rather than the consumers own full range of abilities and needs being matched to the features that are available throughout a wide range of products that are available throughout the marketplace. AT and Rehabilitation Technology providers do not always need to know ALL of the products that are available, but they do need to know how to do a proper Feature Match process and how to search for products beyond their immediate toolbox. Join Kirk and Kelly to explore these options and receive a full set of feature match charts that are composed to range a wide variety of AT areas. Feature Match...What's That? Handout

Kirk Behnke


Kirk Behnke

M.Ed., ATP

Kirk was the Director of Technical Assistance for the National Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) Center at CAST where he supported the delivery of universal, targeted and intensive technical assistance and learning opportunities regarding accessible educational materials and accessible technologies within the United States and abroad. Kirk has presented nationally and internationally on Assistive Technology (AT), Web Tools and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for over 25 years. His passion is helping to facilitate excellence in learning for all, whether it is in a classroom, lecture hall or presentation room. His greatest accomplishment was the development and implementation of the “Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP)” at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Kirk holds a Master’s degree from Temple University in Education/Special Education, a credential as an Assistive Technology Professional from the Rehabilitation and Engineering Society of North America (RESNA) and a Certificate in Assistive Technology Applications from the University College of Dublin, Ireland. He was the former Lead for the Texas Assistive Technology Network at Region 4 Education Service Center.

Kelly Fonner

Kelly Fonner


Kelly is a self-employed consultant and trainer in assistive and educational technology. She has a BS in Special Education from Millersville University & an MS in Educational Technology with emphasis in Rehabilitation/Special Education Technology from The Johns Hopkins University. Her continuing education & research is in the area of Adult Education & Urban Education at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She holds an Assistive Technology Applications Certificate of Learning from California State University - Northridge. Kelly has been a teacher, para-educator, instructional media specialist, assistive technology specialist in early education, school & university settings. She has worked for a statewide AT project & has been an instructor in university courses.

Since 1986 Kelly has presented at schools, conferences, & to families in 48 states and internationally (Australia, Canada, South Africa). She speaks on a wide-range of topics including augmentative communication, computer access, electronic literacy, study skills, AT assessment & implementation strategies. Each year, she works with approximately 50 school-based teams & families supporting students’ implementation of AAC & literacy implementation in the classroom. Kelly is also the relative to individuals with CP, Aspergers & acquired disabilities, which impacts her perspective on the field. She is available to do seminars, webinars, consultations & workshops.


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