Positioning: How Do I Address Poor Head Control in the Seating System? – 60 minutes

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series We’ve all seen it – a student with a highly customized wheelchair seating system who still has a very poor head position. Students may hang their head forward, hyperextend, or even hook their head around and under the head support. This webinar will address strategies to improve head position for these students. Positioning - How Di I Address Poor Head Control in the Seating System Handout

Michelle Lange

Michelle Lange


Michelle is an occupational therapist with 30 years of experience and has been in private practice, Access to Independence, for over 10 years. She is a well-respected lecturer, both nationally and internationally and has authored numerous texts, chapters, and articles. She is the co-editor of Seating and Wheeled Mobility: a clinical resource guide, editor of Fundamentals in Assistive Technology, 4th ed., NRRTS Continuing Education Curriculum Coordinator and Clinical Editor of Directions magazine. Michelle is on the teaching faculty of RESNA. Michelle is a member of the Clinician Task Force. Michelle is a certified ATP, certified SMS and is a Senior Disability Analyst of the ABDA.


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