Common Core Aligned Health Units/Lessons for Students with Multiple Disabilities

This webinar will discuss ways to infuse health and adaptive daily living skills in the classroom and will focus on diet and nutrition. I will go through a unit which is aligned with the common core but created for students with multiple disabilities. The lessons will utilize large and small group instruction, ways of including IEP goal alignment, and skill based learning infused with content.

Lauren Collier

Lauren Collier

MA, ED. M.

Lauren Collier received her MA and dual certification from Pace University in Special Education and Elementary Education and her Ed. M. at Columbia University for curriculum development and leadership with an emphasis was on culturally relevant teaching for students with multiple disabilities.

Between internships, 1:1 behavioral therapy, and full time teaching, she has taught students diagnosed with multiple disabilities, autism, down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, emotional behavioral disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and a myriad of other syndromes. She started teaching through the New York City Teaching fellows Program and taught a self contained class for 5 years at a specialized NYC department of education school. She currently teaches a combination class for students receiving resources and fully self contained special education services in Hawaii.


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