Taking The IEP Into The Classroom – 60 minutes

This webinar is for new teachers who have students on modified programs and particularly those working for the first time with students (K-12) with severe multiple disabilities. We will take a look at different ways to thread IEP objectives into classroom, school-based and community activities. This webinar will also help to prioritize and simplify some of the key roles of the classroom teacher which can enhance meaningful participation for students on modified programs. Theme planning and parallel participation will also be addressed as planning tools to maximize learning and participation for all students. This webinar will help teachers and teaching assistants take their students' IEP objectives into the classroom.

Taking The IEP Into The Classroom Handout

Terry Wendorf

Terry Wendorf


For over 33 years Terry has been working in a variety of roles including Teaching Assistant, Resource Teacher, Classroom Teacher, University Instructor, and Ministry of Education Outreach Program Coordinator. As an Outreach Program Coordinator, worked with a team of therapists (OT, PT, SLP) to provide website resources including online tutorials, workshops, and individualized curriculum guides for students with severe/profound cognitive and multiple disabilities. Developed and delivers an online course (i.e., Developing Functional Curriculum) for Vancouver Island University. Over 21 years as an educational consultant. She holds a Master’s degree in Leadership & Training with emphasis on adult learning.


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