Creating an Inclusive Work Environment Through the Use of Mainstream Technologies – 60 minutes

In this presentation, we'll explore the ways in which the power of everyday technology can be harnessed to support employees with diverse strengths and needs. Everyday technology, or "mainstream" technology, is readily available, affordable, and can provide practical solutions to the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their employers. Participants in this presentation will leave with resources and strategies that can be easily implemented in the workplace. In addition, we will spend some time discussing specialized technologies that can be utilized to support individuals with more complex needs. Creating an Inclusive Work Environment Through the Use of Mainstream Technologies Handout

Lisa R. Tebo

Lisa R. Tebo


Lisa Tebo is a clinical assistant professor in the Clarkson University's Occupational Therapy Program. She received her Masters of Science in Special Education with a Concentration in Assistive Technology from Bowling Green State University, and her Post-Professional Doctorate in OT from Thomas Jefferson University. She has had her ATP certification from RESNA since 2010. Lisa teaches multiple courses on assistive technology at the graduate level, and is the Director of CU OT's Assistive Technology Resource & Education Center. She has served as a consultant to numerous school districts and disability service agencies, providing professional development and training for staff, as well as guidance in program development. She has extensive experience providing both direct and consultative AT services to children and adults through public education and vocational rehabilitative programs.


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