What is the “Blended Approach” to Note Taking? – 60 minutes

The challenge of note taking support has never been greater than in the current climate. Ensuring that students can be supported in a cost effective, yet timely process without overburdening disability professionals can be a challenge. The use of technology has also providing opportunities and questions in recent times, but how do we get the right mix of new and traditional approaches to note taking support.

In this webinar, you will learn about Conversor NTE's blended approach to note taking accommodations, and get an overview of how the combined power of Notetalker and Note Taking Express can provide the missing link between human and technology based note taking accommodations. You can evaluate which elements of the Conversor NTE suite will be most appropriate for their students. All participants in the webinar will receive a free copy of Notetalker app and Notetalker Edit and will also have the opportunity to trial the note making service.
What is the Blended Approach to Note Taking? Handout

Adam Pearce


Adam Pearce

Business Development Director, Conversor

Adam is a former high school educator, who worked with a range of students and institutions across the UK and Middle East. Following his teaching career, Adam began to work within the AT field with Sonocent, where he worked extensively with schools, colleges and corporate organisations across the world. In Adams role at Conversor NTE as Education Director, Adam specializes in working with institutions who wish to provide a more inclusive and accessible learning environment, through the implementation of the Conversor NTE suite of resources.

Daniel Goerz

Daniel Goerz

Managing Director

Daniel is a former Education Assistant/Assistive Technologist, working with students with disabilities attending college. Daniel is now the managing director of Note Taking Express (NTE). NTE is a fast growing company that offers virtual note taking and transcription services to clients around the world. Relying on his extensive knowledge of Accessibility/Disability services departments he is always looking for the best way to improve the services administered to students. That is why Daniel believes the implementation of Conversor NTE suite of resources is a good way forward.


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