Supports for Vision and Literacy Across Platforms (iOS and Chrome) – 60 minutes

As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models become increasingly popular in schools and other settings, educators and other staff face both opportunities and challenges: on the one hand they have access to a variety of tools for creating the kinds of flexible environments our learners and clients need, but on the other hand it is difficult to keep up with the fast paced of innovation. In this session, we will explore a number of free and low cost tools for iOS and Chrome that you can use to provide access to information and flexible means of interaction and response for all, including apps and extensions for text to speech, dictation, word prediction and more. You will leave this session with a powerful toolkit for empowering all learners and clients to get the most from their technology, no matter what platform they use.

Supports for Vision and Literacy Across Platforms Handout

Luis Perez

Luis Perez


Luis Pérez, Ph.D. is an instructional designer, author, speaker, and inclusive learning consultant based in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has more than a decade of experience working with educators to help them integrate technology in ways that empower all learners. Luis holds a doctorate in special education and a master’s degree in instructional technology from the University of South Florida, and he is the author of Mobile Learning for All: Supporting Accessibility with the iPad, from Corwin Press. Luis was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) in 2009 and as a Google in Education Certified Innovator (formerly Google Certified Teacher) in 2014. He currently serves as the Professional Learning Chair of the Inclusive Learning Network of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), which honored him as its 2016 Outstanding Inclusive Educator. His work as an accessibility advocate has been featured in publications such as CNET Magazine, the New York Times Bits Blog, the Sydney Morning Herald, THE Journal, and The Loop Magazine. Luis has presented at national and international conferences such as South by Southwest EDU, ISTE, CSUN, ATIA, and Closing the Gap.


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