Invigorative Instruction to Engage and Advance Young Learners with Severe and Multiple Disabilities – Part 1 – 60 minutes

Children with severe and multiple disabilities – students with severe cognitive and communication impairments who may also have physical disabilities, sensory impairments and autism spectrum disorders – require instructional delivery that maximizes their learning opportunities and minimizes the barriers to attain desired learning outcomes. In this two-part webinar series, you will gain skills in planning and implementing a variety of creatively crafted activities to actively engage young learners (preschool to early elementary) with severe and multiple disabilities in the learning process. You will learn specific strategies and steps to gain and sustain a student’s attention, increase his/her interaction with people and objects and attain successful outcomes supported with multi-sensory techniques, student-specific adaptations and assistive technology tools.

Augmented with student-specific case scenarios, the session will illustrate how to personalize instruction to match the individual learner needs.
Part 1 will have an academic focus with illustrating how to promote cognitive and literacy development of young learners. Invigorative Instruction to Engage and Advance Young Learners with Severe and Multiple Disabilities Part 1 handout

Padmaja Sarathy

Padmaja Sarathy

MA, Author & Educational Consultant

Padmaja Sarathy is a highly sought after, globally engaged educational consultant and author with extensive expertise in the fields of special education and early childhood education. Driven by an intense commitment to maximize learning outcomes for children with special needs, Padmaja uses evidence-based methods to guide educators to pursue innovative instructional techniques across the United States, and abroad. She inspires educators through webinars, onsite coaching, and workshops at international and regional conferences. She has also written multiple books focusing on autism, significant and multiple disabilities, paraeducators, early childhood education, and special education legal compliance. Earlier in her career, she was a diagnostician and served as Special Education Supervisor at the Ford Bend Independent School District. Visit for more information.

She is also the founder and president of a nonprofit organization – Parent Engagement for Active Child Enrichment (PEACE). PEACE ( coaches and guides families, particularly those from marginalized populations, to enable and empower their children towards a positive and productive academic and life trajectory.


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