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Examining Your School’s AT Service Design, Session 1: Re-examining Your Service Design

This three-part series will offer new ways to think about how your education agency provides Assistive Technology (AT) services.  Each webinar in this three part series will offer new ideas and paradigms to help you create a vision for changes in the design of your services to help you better meet the needs of your students who need AT. Session 1 Overview: In part 1 of this three-part series, we will talk about a rationale for re-examining the ways your agency provides AT services. Why is it important to step back and take a look at your service model?  How can you create a vision of AT services that clearly describes the population you serve and the kinds of services you provide?  We’ll look at the ways that AT teams spend their resources and begin to develop a vision of a re-designed service model with clearly defined goals and targets for change. Afterwards participants will:

  1. Be able to list and understand three key aspects of effective coaching.
  2. Develop their own “question recipe” to use in providing supports for students who use AT.
  3. Develop a personal plan to use coaching as a strategy in a specific situation where they provide supports for AT use.

Gayl Bowser

Gayl Bowser


Gayl Bowser’s work as an independent consultant focuses on the integration of technology into the educational programs of students with disabilities. Ms. Bowser provides assistive technology consultation, training and technical assistance throughout the United States and internationally. Gayl has co-authored numerous publications about assistive technology services and is a member of the leadership team of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology (QIAT) Consortium. She is a member of the faculty for Portland State University and the University of Oregon. You can learn more about Gayl on her blog at


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Voices in AAC Apps: What Are the Options and the Opportunities?

This webinar will discuss the available social media options in current AAC apps. It will explore the benefits and challenges of the current integration of mainstream social media in specialist AAC apps on the iPad. The presentation will also explore how apps in this field are catering to everyday communication functions such as email, SMS, and Skype.

Rebecca Bright

Rebecca Bright


Rebecca Bright is a speech and language therapist with over 11 years experience in working with adults with neurological communication disabilities. In 2011 Rebecca, a co-founder of TBoxApps, launched Predictable and Scene & Heard, both award winning AAC apps for the iPad. In 2012, TBoxApps have launched Predictable in 5 more languages and on the Android platform. Rebecca regularly presents workshops in Europe on how speech and language therapists and educators can use tablet technology in their practice.


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