Remarkable Idea – Abraham Lincoln Class Book

In this Remarkable Idea, students will learn about Abraham Lincoln and create a class book.

This activity addresses:
  • Language Arts
  • Social skills
  • Famous Americans
  • Art
  • Fine motor skills
  • Alternative methods of access
What you need:
1. Record each Abraham Lincoln fact on a Step-by-Step, one fact per step.
2. Create individual fact cards about Abraham Lincoln, one per student. Each card should be approximately 8” x 2”.
3. Create a sentence strip that says, “Abraham Lincoln was a great man.” Create one sentence strip per student. The sentence strips should be approximately 8” x 2”.
What to do:
1. Show students the pictures/book about Abraham Lincoln. Have the students take turns using the Step-by-Step to read a fact about Abraham Lincoln.
2. Give each student an Abraham Lincoln fact card and an “Abraham Lincoln was a great man” sentence strip and lead the students in reading the sentence strip. Discuss why and how Lincoln was a great man.
3. Have students cut out and color the Abraham Lincoln template.
4. Glue fact card, sentence strip, and Lincoln template on their 11” x 17” black paper (vertical position).
5. Staple all pages together, with a title page (make using a white crayon on black construction paper) in the front, to create a book.
6. Record each book page on the Bookworm.
7. Use the Jelly Bean Switch and PowerLink 4 to turn the light on to spotlight each student while they take turns using the Bookworm to read their page of the Abraham Lincoln book.
Abraham Lincoln Facts
Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809.
When he was a young boy, Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin.
Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president.
Abraham Lincoln taught himself how to read.
When Abraham Lincoln was a young man, he worked as a clerk in a general store.
Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd in 1842.
Abraham Lincoln had four sons.
Abraham Lincoln worked hard to end slavery.
Abraham Lincoln was the president during the Civil War.
Abraham Lincoln gave a famous speech called The Gettysburg Address.
Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed in 1865.
About Remarkable Ideas
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