Remarkable Idea – Let’s Make Hot Chocolate

In this Remarkable Idea, students can collaborate to make a delicious hot drink, which they can then go on to drink and share. This task is a great team builder.

This activity addresses:
  • Cause and effect
  • Team work
  • Turn taking
  • Social scripts
  • Folling directions
  • Alternative methods of access
What you need:
1. Record scripts to SuperTalker, iTalk2 with Levels, or Step-by-Step

  • I would like hot chocolate
  • Can you measure the milk and pour it into the container
  • Now we need to heat the milk (NOT TOO HOT!)
  • Now we need to add the chocolate
  • Can you put it in the blender and I’ll turn it on
  • Now let’s serve it to everyone

If drinks to be offered around then following scripts could be used on a Step-by-Step:

  • Hello, my name is____________ what’s your name?
  • Would you like some hot chocolate
  • We made it ourselves
  • Here you are
  • Is it okay
  • OK thanks bye!
What to do:
1. Connect the blender to PowerLink and the PowerLink to Jelly Beamer
2. Measure and pour milk into microwave safe container
3. Heat milk to desired heat
4. Add chocolate powder
5. Pour chocolate milk in the blender, blend for 1 to 2 minutes.
6. Add marshmallows
7. Serve drinks using Step-by-Step to offer drinks
About Remarkable Ideas
Over the course of more than 30-years, we have discovered amazing ways people use AbleNet products to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Remarkable Ideas take these amazing discoveries and provide activities that incorporate alternative methods of access to ensure each student can participate, learn important educational and life skills, and have fun.