Remarkable Idea – Sight Word Seek and Steal

In this Remarkable Idea, students will play a game to practice recognizing their sight words or spelling words.

This activity addresses:
  • Reading
  • Turn taking
  • Cause and effect
  • Alternative methods of access
What you need:
1. Write all the spelling/sight words on index cards or on the whiteboard (arrange words in a grid format).
2. Record all the spelling/sight words to the Step-by-Step GamePlay. Set to Level 2 so words will not be repeated.
3. Record a countdown on the BIGmack. When you get to zero, add a buzzing noise for effect.
4. Determine how many points a team will need to win, then using each Step-by-Step record points (one for each step). On the last point put a congratulatory message to the winning team.

What to do:
1. Separate students into two teams and choose a team to go first.
2. Choose a scorekeeper for each team or one scorekeeper for both teams.
3. Choose a timekeeper. They will be responsible for hitting the BIGmack and starting the timer for each student’s turn.
4. Teams or individuals from each team take turns pressing the Step-by-Step GamePlay and looking for the random word given. Remind the timekeeper to start the timer.
5. If the student finds the word before time is up, their team gets a point using the Step-by-Step – remind the scorekeeper to add a point to that team’s total.
6. If the timer buzzes before they find the word, the other team has a chance to steal the point.
7. Continue until you are out of words or reach the point goal.

Additional suggestions:
To add a level of difficulty, you can add misspelled words to the grid.
About Remarkable Ideas
Over the course of more than 30-years, we have discovered amazing ways people use AbleNet products to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Remarkable Ideas take these amazing discoveries and provide activities that incorporate alternative methods of access to ensure each student can participate, learn important educational and life skills, and have fun.