In this Remarkable Idea, students can take be part of the school talent show. Whether that be introducing the acts through a communication aid, or looking after the special effects. Here a Student can control the background pictures for the show as students perform.

This activity addresses:

  • Cause and effect
  • Visual follows
  • Turn taking
  • Alternative methods of access

What you need:


1. Create symbol for switch showing Projector
2. Create symbol for Step-by-Step showing singing
3. Record script on Step-by-Step
The script really depends on the acts taking part, but examples could be:

  • “Let’s all welcome on stage _______ who’s going to perform for you a song called ________”
  • “Let’s all give a big hand in appreciation for a great song there by _______”

What to do:

1. Check the acts and scripts and design a PowerPoint slide show around this.
2. Connect the projector, computer, Step-by-Step and switch to the Hitch. It’s important at this time to connect the switch to the correct port on the Hitch and assign the Hitch to the correct function for changing the slides.
3. Record the introduction of acts on to the Step-by-Step.
4. The student can now use the Step-by-Step to introduce the acts and the switch to change the slide show at the appropriate time. These tasks could be split and done by two students if more appropriate.