AbleNet Training Solutions
Training and Professional Development Solutions
Choose one or more staff training solutions to ensure effective Equals implementation for your students and educators:

Pre-recorded Webinars
Provided on Members Only, teachers can access training 24/7 and repeat it as often as they choose.

Training from AbleNet
Live custom Webinars provide staff with all the essential information on the curricular program or
technology purchased, as well as an opportunity for staff to ask questions or discuss specific needs.
Webinar training is $250/2-hour session.
An onsite trainer travels to you and directly targets your specific staff/student population needs, as
requested. Your expert trainer will provide hands-on instruction, explanations, and/or demonstrations
for any AbleNet curriculum and/or technology you choose.
Cost includes travel expenses. Onsite training is $3,000/day (per trainer)
Contact your AbleNet sales representative for specific curriculum training package options. Discounts on
training may be available for larger purchase quantities of the program.