Switch Adapted Penguin Race

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About This Product

Watch as the colorful penguins walk up the stairs and shoot down the slide. This accessible toy requires one D battery (batteries not included).

This toy is permanently adapted and requires one switch (switch not included). Consider using the Jelly Beamer, Big Beamer, or Mini Beamer wireless switch with the Mini Beamer wireless receiver (switch and receiver not included) for wireless switch access.

Can a toy operate with a wireless switch?
Yes, you can use a wireless switch to operate our switch-adapted toys.

In order to do this, you’ll need a wireless transmitter, such as our Jelly Beamer Transmitter, and a wireless receiver, such as our Mini Beamer Receiver. By pairing the transmitter to the receiver, then connecting the receiver to the switch jack of a switch-adapted toy, you can activate the functionality of the toy wirelessly.

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