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Skoog 2.0

Product Number: 30000015

Skoog is foam cube compatible with iPad, Mac, and PC computers that acts as a hands-on controller for making music that brings your creativity to life.

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Skoog is a hands-on accessible music instrument that will change the way you and your students enjoy, create and learn music. It’s a powerful, fun music interface for iOS that opens up a world of interactive music to people with disabilities.

Whether you tap it, twist it or squeeze it, the sensor living at the heart of Skoog detects how you squeeze and activate the foam. It’s not just sensitive to how hard the Skoog is being touched, but where and how it is being touched, transforming the things you do into meaningful and expressive sounds. Adjustable sensitivity means that you can play Skoog intuitively with any part of your body: hands, elbows, knees or head.

Whatever your skills, abilities, and musical talents, the universal design enables accessible, expressive music making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families.

Skoog features:
  • Connects wirelessly to iPad using the Skoog app (free from the App Store on iTunes) and Bluetooth
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Tactile orientation marker helps those with visual impairments to navigate Skoog interface
  • Built-in guide access mode to hide on-screen menus and enable users to focus on playing

Requires iOS 7 or later, or Mac OS X v10.6 or later.

Get to grips with the new version of the Skoog app and learn how to use all its features – from getting your Skoog connected to using it with Garageband. Click here to get started.

Leran more about the role of music in development and communication, and how technology can be truly 'assistive' in supporting music activities with a particular focus on the Skoog platform. Watch now.

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