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Skoog 2.0

Product Number: 30000015
Skoog is a tactile musical instrument that is truly unique in its level of accessibility. Tap it, twist it or squeeze, this new music accessory for iPad opens up a world of musicplay to everyone.

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Skoog is a tactile musical instrument that is truly unique in its level of accessibility. Tap it, twist it or squeeze, this new music accessory for iPad opens up a world of musicplay to everyone. No matter what your skills, abilities or musical talents, Skoog is easy to use, and keeps kids engaged, while giving them the confidence to express themselves.

For many people with disabilities one of the greatest barriers to making music is the dexterity required to play a more traditional musical instrument. Skoog removes that barrier. Now anyone unable to play traditional instruments can join a band and take part in a range of music-making activities. You can jam with your favorite tracks instantly! The free Skoog App works with GarageBand or your iTunes library or music streaming service and automatically tunes your Skoog so you can play along with the music you love. Just choose a song and get playing. You can also connect Skoog to our free sampling app Skratch and record any sound you like to make your own kind of music. Creative and fun, with Skoog you play to learn: that’s what musicplay is all about.

It’s not just sensitive to how hard the Skoog is being touched, but where and how it is being touched, transforming the things you do into meaningful and expressive sounds. Adjustable sensitivity means that you can play Skoog intuitively with any part of your body: hands, elbows, knees or head.

Used together, Skoog and iPad expand the potential of music therapy for young children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s Syndrome and other developmental delays by offering hands-on opportunities to create and control sound expressively. Skoog’s sensory-friendly tactile nature helps greatly in developing new skills and promoting physical interaction with technology.

Skoog’s universal design enables fun, accessible, expressive music-making for children, parents, teachers, and families, including those with disabilities within just a few minutes of it being taken out the box. Skoog will change the way you enjoy, create and learn music. You can even learn to code and build your own musical instrument when you connect Skoog to Swift Playgrounds. Simply touch to play.

Skoog is lightweight and portable, making it easy to set up and use. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth LE or to your Mac via USB. Or you can use it as a controller for other MIDI-compatible music apps.

Skoog features:
  • Skoog connects wirelessly to iPad using the free Skoog app (available from the App Store)
  • Learn to code and make music when you connect Skoog to Swift Playgrounds Tactile, intuitive and robust
  • Underside works with a suction mount for securing it in easily accessible positions
  • Built-in guided access mode to hide on-screen menus and enable users to focus on playing
  • Suitable for MLD, SLD and PMD, children with global delay, genetic conditions, sensory impairments or Autism

What do I do if audio does not work on my Skoog?
We are aware of an issue that may cause the inability to produce audio while using Skoog 2.0 with the Skoog app, and we have made the manufacturer of Skoog aware of this issue. Currently, to resolve the audio issue, please double click the home button of your iPad to exit the app and slide your finger upward from the center of the screen to close it out, and then re-open the Skoog app. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Please contact AbleNet Technical Support for further questions in regards to this issue at (800) 322-0956 or email

Battery Life

Proper management is required to ensure the health of the Lithium-Ion battery used within this product. Here are suggestions to prolonging the life of your product’s internal battery;
1. Keep your device and its battery at room temperature
2. Avoid completely discharging the device’s battery
3. When storing the device for extended periods, charge the battery to about 60% and then put it in a cool, dry place

Get to grips with the new version of the Skoog app and learn how to use all its features – from getting your Skoog connected to using it with Garageband. Click here to get started.

Leran more about the role of music in development and communication, and how technology can be truly 'assistive' in supporting music activities with a particular focus on the Skoog platform. Watch now.

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