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About This Product

TinyMouse is about half the size of a standard computer mouse and just right for your child's small hands. A scroll wheel and colored right and left buttons help kids learn to click and move the cursor with greater comfort and control. And with optical tracking, there is no trackball to become dirty, lost, or malfunction.

Technical Specifications

What computer driver does this mouse use?
Chester Creek mice use generic USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers.

What computers or tablets are the Chester Creek mouse compatible with?
Chester Creek mice are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome computers, iOS and Android tablets. Please note, you will need to have a camera adapter and iOS 13 to use with iPhone or iPad.

What can I do if my Chester Creek mouse is not functioning correctly?
We recommend you unplug the USB plug and connect it into another USB port on the computer.

If this does not solve the issue, please contact Technical Support by email or phone (800) 322-0956.