BigKeys LX QWERTY Keyboard

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BigKeys LX QWERTY Keyboard

About This Product

BigKeys keyboards for computer access provide users large, high-visibility keys that are easy to see. In addition, for users who lack fine motor movements, the larger keys provide a larger strike area that is easier to access compared to standard keyboards.

Need a keyguard? The BigKeys LX Keyboard is compatible with the BigKeys LX Rigid Keyguard.

  • 1-in/2.5-cm square keys on a standard size keyboard
  • Key order can be configured as a standard QWERTY layout or in ABC alphabetical order
  • Contains all punctuation and function keys
  • USB connection
  • PC and Mac compatible

What is the compatibility of BigKeys LX?
BigKeys LX is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. BIGkeys LX uses a USB-A cable to connect to your computer. You may need a USB adapter to connect the keyboard to recent models of Mac computers that use USB-C.

How do I remove the keys in order to rearrange them for ABC or QWERTY layout?
Position a small, flat object underneath a key and lift up. You should easily be able to lift the keycap off of the key switch. You can then remove the remaining keys and reattach them to the correct location on the keyboard.

This product is compliant with Medical Device Regulation 2017/45. Click here to download the declaration of conformity.

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BigKeys LX Quick Start Guide